HITMAN January Content Update Revealed

By: Jason Segalla | February 1st, 2017

Coming January 31, HITMAN will release its January content update to coincide with the release of The Complete First Season on physical disc. The physical release will have a Steelbook Edition option for purchase that grants players exclusive items and access to the bonus missions from the Summer Bonus Episode.

The content update includes a slew of new features and changes including:

  • The new bonus mission Landslide, which brings its own set of challenges, gear, and achievements (free for all Complete First Season and Upgrade pack owners)
  • Access to the Original Sountrack and a new “Making of Documentary” (free for all players)
  • The new Professional Difficulty option that challenges players by enhancing AI behavior and logic, limiting saves, restricting item use, slowing health regeneration, and further difficulty modifications
  • Adding HDR support for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, and PC
  • Adjusted attention gain modifiers
  • Markers to indicate if an item is Illegal or Suspicious
  • On-screen Mission Timer
  • An additional cutscene to the Colorado story
  • Netcode improvements
  • Numerous bug fixes


The January update promises to iron out the first full season of HITMAN for an improved gameplay experience for veterans and newcomers alike. Head to our forums now to discuss the new game update with our community!