HCS NA Summer Pro League Final Match Day: What's at Stake? | Beyond Entertainment


As the regular season of the Halo Championship Series North American Pro League comes to a close tonight, the results of the final matchday will determine important bracket placements for the Summer Season Finals at Dreamhack Atlanta based on placements within one of three possible seeding tiers.

Teams that place 1st-4th will be seeded straight into the second round of the winners bracket in the season’s Championship tournament, while teams that finish 5th/6th will have to play an Open Bracket finalist in the first round and teams that finish 7th/8th are placed in the Open bracket, risk relegation, and have to win a match to even qualify for the Championship tournament. A team’s road to ultimate victory at the Finals greatly differs in difficulty based on which round of the Finals they get seeded into and all Pro League teams will be fighting to gain whatever advantage they can.

With important seeding sorting out based on tonight’s results, here’s what’s at stake in each of the four matches:

OpTic Gaming (6-0) vs Team Liquid (4-2)

  • OptTic Gaming has already clinched the 1st seed; this match has no effect on their season standings.
  • Team Liquid clinches a top four seed with a match win based on match record ORĀ a Luminosity Gaming match loss.


Since ties in the match record standings are broken by head-to-head results, Team Liquid must finish the season with a stronger record than Luminosity Gaming, who they lost to 1-3 on the third matchday of the season. A Liquid match win or a Luminosity match loss results in Team Liquid holding a stronger match record; a Liquid loss and Luminosity win would give both teams 4-3 records and Luminosity would secure the higher seeding tier based on their head-to-head victory.


Evil Geniuses (2-4) vs Ronin Esports (1-5)

  • Evil Geniuses clinches a 5th/6th seed with a match win
  • Ronin Esports clinches a 5th/6th seed with a match win


The only match where both teams have something to play for, with a win or loss being the difference between facing relegation and elimination in Atlanta before the Championship bracket even begins, Evil Geniuses vs Ronin Esports is our Match of the Night. Even if Team EnVyUs’ lose their match against Str8 Rippin 0-3 they will secure a top four seed over EG based on their 3-2 head-to-head win on matchday three, but an EG win secures them a stronger record than Ronin. A Ronin win would leave both teams at 2-5 records, with Ronin taking the higher seeding tier based on the head-to-head result.


Splyce (5-1) vs Luminosity Gaming (3-3)

  • Splyce has already clinched a top four spot; match results merely affect seeding within the top four tier
  • Luminosity Gaming clinches a top four seed with a match win AND:
    • a Team Liquid match loss OR a Team EnVyUs loss


While Luminosity Gaming has already clinched a 5th/6th seed and will not have to face possible relegation, they will be fighting to further their tournament odds at Finals with a top four seeding. However, they do not control their own destiny and will not only have to win their match but also need either Team Liquid to lose so they can out-place them based on their 3-1 head-to-head victory or Team EnVyUs to lose so they can out-place them based on match record (nV holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over Luminosity).


Team EnVyUs (3-3) vs Str8 Rippin (0-6)

  • Str8 Rippin has clinched the 8th seed; this match has no effect on their season standings
  • Team EnVyUs clinches a top four seed with a match win OR a Luminosity Gaming match loss


Team EnVyUs enters the final match of the regular season with their fate completely in their hands against the worst placing team in Pro League that has failed to win a single match this season; winning their match against Str8 Rippin would give nV a 4-3 record and allow them to secure a higher seed than Luminosity Gaming based on their . And if those odds don’t look favorably enough for nV, they still clinch a top four seed with a Luminosity match loss from their 3-0 victory on the first matchday of the season.

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