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A new year, a new championship. The Halo 5 competitive environment has drastically evolved throughout the game’s lifespan, and we now find ourselves in a third World Championship season. This weekend, MLG will host the North American Regional Finals in Columbus, OH, which will determine the nine North American Halo rosters punching their tickets to Seattle to compete for $1,000,000 next month.

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Thanks to our friends at Halo Data Hive, we have a great overview of LAN results, scrimmages, and player/team stats. Our panel will be taking a look at the sixteen teams competing this weekend and assessing who they believe to be the top eight teams in North America, based on recent tournament results and scrimmage data.

Ranking Panelists:


Below are the official Team Beyond power rankings for MLG Columbus!

For a full breakdown of each panelist’s ranks, head here!

#8 Oxygen Supremacy Prototype, Rayne, Str8 Sick, Ryanoob

Power Rank Score: 9

The legacy duo of Prototype and Str8 Sick has returned for the 2018 Halo World Championship under Oxygen Supremacy. Coupled with the renowned communication and objective talents of Rayne and Ryanoob, this roster is bound to have strong natural chemistry—mixed votes from the ranking panel earns them the #8 position on our list.

#7 Str8 RippinRammy, Musa, Dastroyed, Nemassist

Power Rank Score: 11

After falling to Fyra/Elevate 3-0 in the elimination bracket of the Orlando Open, Str8 Rippin once again are just steps behind the same team. This time, they secure the #7 spot on our NA regional power rankings. Our panel felt confidently in Str8’s ability to perform this weekend, but felt that Elevate was slightly more driven and practiced. A spot at the HaloWC Finals is likely on the way for Rammy and friends, but only time will tell how far they will ascend through the Championship Bracket this weekend.

#6 Elevate – eL TownSuspector, Sabinater, Articc

Power Rank Score: 12

Fyra Gaming’s former roster from MLG Orlando has rebranded and will be competing under the Elevate banner. The 2016 runners-up, Suspector and El Town, will not only be fighting for their place at Worlds, but will also be looking to push even further than their Orlando placings after a challenging bracket journey in Florida.

#5 Renegades – Ace, APG, Lunchbox, Neptune

Power Rank Score: 19

The new Renegades roster is very reminiscent of the former Str8 Rippin squad revolving around their star player Renegade. This time, the veteran lineup of Ace, APG, and Lunchbox will be setting up Neptune for success as they look to clinch their position at the Worlds finals. Neptune put on a show in Orlando, and the Renegades secured a 5/6th finish. In recent scrimmages, the team secured a high win rate on Strongholds maps, but fell behind in Slayer. If the veterans show up with flashy plays and improve their slaying consistency, the Renegades will go far in Columbus.

#4 ReciprocitySpartan, Snipedown, Mikwen, Penguin

Power Rank Score: 25

The powerhouse lineup of legacy talent on Reciprocity is not to be trifled with. All four members of Team REC have histories of strong stats and major power plays. With Mikwen and Snipedown constantly behind a sniper scope, Reciprocity likely won’t be stopped at this event. The roster fell to fourth place in Orlando, leaving our panel concerned about the squad’s consistency. With no standout gametypes outside of Plaza and Truth Slayer, we believe Reciprocity will need to come out hot with a positive mindset to break into the top three.

#3 Team EnVyUsPistola, Saiyan, bubu dubu, Tripppey

Power Rank Score: 29

Team EnVyUs concluded their run at MLG Orlando with a third place finish, only after upsetting OpTic Gaming and turning many heads in the process. In specific, Orlando was a major breakout event for Saiyan, one of nV’s young talent, and the main Slayer for the team. The fan-favorite wizard, Pistola, will also have much to prove at Columbus as he looks to tackle the World Championship with an entirely new lineup of teammates.

In terms of scrimmage results, EnVyUs have a very positive record and numerous strong series against top teams. Keep an eye out on their Stronghold matches this weekend—the gametype with nV’s lowest win rates.

#2 Tox – Lethul, Snakebite, Frosty, Royal 2

Power Rank Score: 37

The two-time Halo World Champions have landed themselves in one of the most unique situations of their Halo career. The championship roster of Frosty, Lethul, Royal 2, and Snakebite will be competing this weekend without representing an organization.

During their tenure with OpTic Gaming, the roster maintained a near-70% game win rate in scrimmages throughout Halo 5. Outside of a few close run-ins with Team EnVyUs and Reciprocity online—team Tox have continued this dominance.

Heading into Columbus, Tox plan on showcasing their continued consistency. Their second place finish behind Splyce from MLG Orlando have some believing that the god squad has been dethroned, but there is no doubt the team will be looking for blood when they have nothing to prove but their own Halo talent.

#1 SplyceShotzzy, Stellur, Renegade, Eco

Power Rank Score: 38 out of 40

Splyce’s rapid rise through the Halo ranks can only be attributed to the young star talent within the lineup. Stellur and Renegade’s slaying talents have propelled the lineup to new heights, and Shotzzy’s game knoledge and mechanical skill are second to none. Splyce continue to be the number one contender fighting to put an end to the CLG/OpTic dynasty. For them to cement this narrative, claiming victory at Columbus is next on the list.

In specific, keep an eye out for Splyce’s performance on Truth and other CTF arenas. Shotzzy’s flag running proficiency and aggressive objective work will consistently keep enemy teams on their heels.

What do you think of our rankings? Share your predictions for this weekend’s qualification tournament with the competitive Halo community!