Halo Wars 2 Launch Trailer Revealed

By: Ryan Cox | February 6th, 2017

With just a few short weeks remaining until the game’s launch, 343 Industries, Microsoft, and Creative Assembly have unveiled their launch trailer for the newest real-time strategy installment in the Halo franchise—Halo Wars 2.

The trailer once again highlights Halo Wars 2’s campaign storyline, showcasing Captain James Cutter and the UNSC Spirit of Fire facing off against a new covenant threat in Atriox and the Banished. Although the trailer doesn’t reveal too many new details, fans can see glimpses of new story cutscenes, including one shot of a Halo ring emerging from The Ark.

Halo Wars 2 releases on February 21st and will feature three distinct modes of play—Campaign, Multiplayer, and the new card-based Blitz multiplayer mode. Additionally, fans who purchase or upgrade to the Ultimate Edition of the game will receive early access and will be able to jump into the action on February 17th.

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