Halo Wars 2 Firefight Expansion Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Halo Wars 2 will receive a new expansion based on Halo’s classic survival mode Firfight, according to Dan Ayoub, announced during E3 2017. Here is the first glimpse of the new content, photographed from the E3 show floor:

According to Ayoub, former Studio Head at 343 for Halo Wars 2, the update introduces The Flood to the new sequel in some form. The Flood were staple enemies in not only the original Halo trilogy, but the original Halo Wars installment as well.

Halo Wars 2’s most recent DLC Leader – Colony

Although no details have emerged yet regarding the Halo Wars 2 Firefight Expansion, we imagine it will involve a more traditional wave defense mode akin to other Firefight iterations in Halo’s past. Blitz Firefight launched with Halo Wars 2—a PvE mode focused around the game’s card-based Blitz multiplayer.

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