Halo Wars 2 Demo Announced | Beyond Entertainment


If you haven’t tried Halo Wars 2, sequel to the Halo universe real-time strategy game, a demo is now available on Xbox One and the Windows Store. Those who download can play the first mission and try out the newest mode in the franchise’s multiplayer, Blitz Firefight. Check it out here.

343 Industries and Creative Assembly took the helm of development for Halo Wars 2 as the original developer for Halo Wars, Ensemble Studios, shut down shortly after the release of the 2009 title. Creative Assembly is perhaps most known for their acclaimed RTS series Total War, so fans of both strategy and Halo had something to look forward to with this long-awaited sequel. Team Beyond’s own Ryan Cox reviewed the title positively, citing it as a worthy addition to the Halo franchise:

“It introduces new fluidity and flexibility to gameplay throughout singleplayer and multiplayer, and features a well-written overarching story and well-rounded cast of characters… Creative Assembly and 343 Industries have created a multiplayer suite that offers variety and depth, new metagame and strategy potential, and a strong focus on player creativity and individuality.”

Will you be trying out the Halo Wars 2 demo? Be sure to check out the demo and discuss it on our forums!