Halo Wars 2 Colony Leader DLC Revealed

By: Ryan Cox | April 13th, 2017

Each new month means new content for holders of the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass. Last month, the flamethrower and napalm-inspired leader, Kinsano, joined the multiplayer battlefields. Today, 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have unveiled the newest DLC leader for Halo Wars 2 multiplayer—Colony.

Colony provides a new perspective to not only Halo Wars combat, but the universe as a whole, as a Hunter takes charge as a leader for the first time. Colony offers new strategical options through new abilities and units, such as the Skitterer and Goliath units, as well as the new Hunter Captain, which provides a new tank option for the Banished faction.

Colony serves as the April 2017 content drop for Halo Wars 2, and additional DLC content, such as leaders and story missions, are on the way as well.

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