Microsoft Teases Halo VR Project in Development

By: Ryan Cox | August 30th, 2017

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality experience is an affordable and accessible take on the virtual reality gaming trend. In the video below, they share some of the vision for their new product.

However, in a recent press release discussing Microsoft’s new VR program, it was confirmed that a Halo VR project is in development for Windows Mixed Reality.

“We are working with an incredible set of partners to bring the most immersive experiences to the Windows Store. First, we are excited to announce the first wave of content partners coming to Windows Mixed Reality. Second, it’s my pleasure to let you know that we are working with 343 Industries to bring future Halo experiences into mixed reality.  We are not providing specifics right now, but it is going to be a lot of fun to work with them.”

It was not specified when these experiences will be shown or released to fans, nor the scale of the projects themselves, but it will certainly be interesting to see the Halo brand associated with a VR experience.

Microsof also shared additional creators who have partnered with Windows Mixed Reality, as well as confirming compatibility with Steam titles.

Source | Microsoft

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