343 Founder Bonnie Ross confirms LAN for next Halo Title | Beyond Entertainment


After a disappointing E3 Xbox Presentation for Halo fans, 343 Industries founder and Studio Head Bonnie Ross took to social media to ensure fans of the Halo franchise that the studio is hard at work on the next Halo installment. She commented that the “Team back at 343 is heads down on the next big Halo,” and vaguely described the project as “good, but not ready to announce yet”.

Bonnie Ross also responded to a user who inquired about the noticeable and esports-crippling absence of “LAN” in the Halo franchise and Xbox One console overall. When asked if the next Halo FPS will have LAN or not, she responded with a simple “yes”. Now if she is referring to the “true” and “best” version of LAN, meaning you do not need to be connected to the internet (not required to lug dedicated servers around), remains to be seen.

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