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[UPDATE] 343i has released a little bit more information regarding the new HCS Skins!

Each team will have a separate REQ Pack that will guarantee all three of the team’s items (Emblem, AR, Magnum) as well as two random cosmetic unlocks. These two additional items will have a strong chance of containing the new HCS Contender skins as well as the classic Athlon Champion armor and classic HCS skins. They are now available for $9.99 on Xbox.com.

Counter Logic Gaming

OpTic Gaming

Evil Geniuses

Spartan Recruit

[Original] When the Warzone Firefight content update for Halo 5: Guardians drops on June 29th (this Wednesday), tons of new content will arrive in Halo 5, including some awesome new content for fans of Halo eSports. Series 1 HCS REQs will introduce new REQ Packs to Halo 5 that will allow players to purchase weapon skins and emblems that directly support teams, players, and organizations both in game and out.

Note: 343 Industries has not yet announced how players can/will acquire each set of skins. We are unsure if they will be purchasable with REQ Points, cash only, or if they will be part of the standard REQ drop pool. Expect more news soon.

Evil Geniuses

It seems that Evil Geniuses dominant reign in H2A has earned them a spot in Series 1 of team skins for Halo 5: Guardians. All team packs contain an Assault Rifle, Magnum, and Emblem and will directly support team organizations via REQ pack purchases.





Counter-Logic Gaming

Without a doubt, the most deserving team of a set of in-game weapon skins is the 2016 Halo World Champions – CLG. Check out their Assault Rifle, Pistol, and Emblem!





OpTic Gaming

And it wouldn’t be a complete conversation without involving the fan favorite Green Wall. OpTic Gaming rounds out Series 1 as the third set of team skins. Check out the OpTic set below!





HCS Contender Skins

And last but not least is a new batch of generic HCS skins for players to collect. Back in December, the HCS REQ Pack was released to help fund the Halo World Championship. It contained the Athlon HCS Armor Set, an HCS Emblem, and an AR/Magnum skin set. For Series 1, they will be adding new Red and Blue variants of the Assault Rifle and Magnum skins as well as new HCS Battle Rifle skins for players to show off during Warzone and SWAT.




Which skins are you looking to pick up and collect? Discuss the HCS Pro League and Warzone Firefight on our forums!