Halo 4 Stockpile Mod Released | Beyond Entertainment


Well, here we are again. Yet another gametype has returned to Halo, thanks to the work of the modding community who have actively been using tools to bring back classic gametypes that 343 Industries failed to in Halo 4.

Earlier in September, we showed you a video showcasing a mod that was at the time, a work-in-progress. We’re happy to announce that this gametype has been released for everyone to play.

This time, a modder known as GabotronES has brought back one of the new gametypes introduced into Halo: Reach known as Stockpile.

For those who haven’t played or heard of Stockpile, it was a team-based gametype. Both teams would have a capture zone on the map, and around the map, multiple neutral flags would be scattered. Teams had to fight over these and place the neutral flags in their capture zone. The capture zones would feature a countdown on them, and once the countdown reached zero, any flags inside the capture zones would respawn and points would be awarded to each team based on how many flags were in their retrospective zone.

Check out this gameplay video of Stockpile in Halo: Reach:

Because of how the Flag works in Halo 4 (with the Flagnum, etc), the neutral flags have been replaced by neutral Extraction beacons. The player must pick them up, and return them to their teams capture zone.

You can download the Stockpile gametype mod here. Please note that modding is against the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and attempting to host modified content on your file share could result in a ban.