Halo 4 RTX 2014 Results | Beyond Entertainment


After 3 long days of competitive Halo 4 4v4 action at the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, TX. Vas’ Avi came out on top by defeating NightHawks in the Grand Finals 6-2 to secure the team’s first victory. Below we have a breakdown of the Halo 4 4v4 and FFA results from the RTX event.


Halo 4 4v4 Placings

1st: Vas’ Avi – Ryanoob, Shooter, Str8 Sick, Arkanum ($10,000)
2nd: NightHawks – Killrelevant, Omega, Playajoe, Stress ($2,500)
3rd: Reign 812 – Formal, a Pure Gangster, Lethul, Heinz ($500)
4th: Prometheans – BLaZe XS, Contra, BLaZe XC, Predevonator ($500)
5th/6th: VwS Legendary – Sargoth, Mikwen, Suspector, Tragic
5th/6th: Reality Check – Suddoth 1, Suddoth 2, TheOnlyToxic, Flame
7th/8th: Pulse – TBK MiKeY, Psylince, Dr Chaoz, Storeytimee
7th/8th: Strafe – Domey, I_Dodge_Bulletz, FloppiE, dr4mis


Halo 4 FFA Placings

1st: Str8 Sick ($5,000)
2nd: Heinz ($250)
3rd: Arkanum ($100)
4th: Contra ($100)
5th: Russo
6th: Sargoth
7th: a Pure Gangster
8th: Hoaxer


Congrats to all the winners at the Rooster Teeth Expo event! Discuss the event on our forums now,