Halo 2 vs. Halo 2: Anniversary | Beyond Entertainment


With all the recent announcements for Halo 2 Anniversary, we thought we’d give you a quick write-up to clear up any confusion in regards to Multiplayer in the Master Chief Collection, specifically Halo 2 vs. Halo 2: Anniversary. YES, there is a difference.

Halo 1:

  • Original Engine
  • No graphical updates
  • PC Maps
  • Now playable over Xbox Live
  • 1080p and 60fps


Halo 2 (Classic):

  • Original Engine
  • Original Sandbox
  • No New Gametypes
  • All maps, NO changes and NO graphical updates (aside from…)
  • 1080p and 60fps
  • Button combos and (for the most part) Superbounces can be performed
  • Post-Patch gameplay (fixed melee damage and plasma grenade times)


Halo 2: Anniversary:

  • New Engine, designed for Xbox One
  • New Graphics Updates (Weapons and Maps have new textures. Currently using some Halo 4 placeholders)
  • New U.I. (Currently some Halo 4 placeholders)
  • Only 6 Maps; they have been re-imagined by Max Hoberman and the Certain Affinity team
  • Ascension: Some of the routes have been modified, a dynamic center-map energy shield can be triggered from the three points on the map.




  • Coagulation: Another one of the six remastered maps, features the new ‘Gungoose’ vehicle
  • New Weapons: Assault Rifle, Silenced SMG, buffed Magnum, Speed Boost
  • New Vehicles: Gungoose (Mongoose with Guns for Pilot), and other new vehicles


  • New Gametypes: Along with ALL classic Halo 2 gametypes, SWAT, Ricochet, Infection, Race, and more have been added and can be played on the 6 new maps
  • Forge available for the 6 new maps and the new sandbox
  • Button combos and superbounces will NOT be available in this engine
  • Might not run at 60fps, 343 is working hard to reach that point


Halo 3:

  • 1080p and 60fps
  • Original graphics and engine
  • All maps
  • Original Halo 3 forge


Halo 4:

  • 1080p and 60fps
  • All maps, DLC, and Champions Bundle
  • Spartan Ops available
  • Halo 4 forge



  • Majority of Playlists will contain gametypes/maps from all 4 games, but we will also have a few playlists that are available for dedicated games. As an example, we saw a standalone H2A Team Slayer playlist along with the other playlists such as Team Slayer and rotational playlists like SWAT
  • Theater will be available for Halo 3 and Halo 4
  • Forge will be available for H2A, H3, and H4, each in their original Forge mode
  • Once again, the new sandbox features will be available only in H2A, not H2C. Halo 2 Classic will not contain an Assault Rifle or a dome shield on Ascension, for example.
  • Other rumored H2A remakes are Zanzibar, Lockout, and Midship, especially now after their focus during the RTX panel.
  • As of now, the sniper and medals in H2A are from Halo 4, this is most likely going to be changed by the release of the MCC.
  • Do NOT expect a diverse range of single-game playlists. At the very least, each game will have a Team Slayer playlist, but I wouldn’t expect each game to have a large amount of playlists. Majority of the playlists will be cross-game experiences.
  • 343 has stated that there will be a universal EXP system, and will have more details in regards to a ranking system later. The ranking system (skill based, not to be confused with the EXP leveling system) will most likely be universal as well, and will be similar to that of Halo 2.


Thanks for reading, hopefully this cleared up your confusion between Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary. Discuss all things RTX and Master Chief Collection over on our forums!