Halo 2 Anniversary Cairo Station | Beyond Entertainment


A few hours after Microsoft’s E3 Conference, IGN brought 343 on their live stream to showcase some exclusive Halo 2: Anniversary Cairo Station gameplay. This time, Frank O’Connor and Dan Ayoub showcase the Cairo Station level in the new remastered graphics. Below is new gameplay footage of this level remastered¬†in HD.

This video answers numerous questions that you may have, so you can read a recap of those on our forums here. One of the biggest reveals is that Halo 2: Anniversary maps WILL have Forge, meaning you will be able to adjust weapons and spawns across the 6 new HD remakes. However, they have not stated as to whether Forge will be implemented into the classic Halo 2 engine, but your best bet is to assume that this is not the case.

In addition, we’ve grabbed some screenshots of the early Master Chief Collection menu, so take a look at what the campaign and multiplayer menus will look like! Bravo has stated that the design is not final, and there may be additions or changes to the way the multiplayer is structured, but this early concept will give you a general idea as to what this collection is about.


Halo Master Chief Collection Menu16

Halo Master Chief Collection Menu3

Halo Master Chief Collection Menu14

Halo Master Chief Collection Menu19

Players will be able to search any gametype or playlist in the Master Chief collection, and they will be put into a lobby where players can vote for gametypes across all of the Halo titles.

What do you think of Cairo Station in HD? Are you excited for the robust Master Chief Collection multiplayer? Discuss on our forums now!