ASTRO Spartans Halo 5 FFA Player Guide

By: Beyond Entertainment | September 1st, 2018

Welcome, ASTRO Spartans! If you’re reading this, you’re likely competing in one of our Free-For-All competitions in 2018. Below, you’ll find all the necessary info you’ll need to get into your matches and start slaying the competition.

Maps, Gametypes, and Settings:

Base Gametype: Free-For-All HCS

Gamertag: Beyond Settings

Gametype: ASTRO Spartans FFA

Map: Truth FFA HCS

Time Limit: 15 Minutes

Score to Win: Unlimited

Players: 8 players per round, Top 4 advance to next round

FFA Tiebreaker Rules: Most Kills -> Least Deaths -> Most Assists > Damage Dealt

To access the tournament gametype, you can either add the gamertag “Beyond Settings” to your Xbox Live friends list, or search for the gamertag in Halo 5’s file browser.


Groups, Hosting, and DQ’s:

Our ASTRO Spartans FFA tournaments feature heats of eight players per match. At the start of each round, the player at the top of each group will be designated as the host for the lobby, and they will be responsible for inviting all other players and beginning the tournament match. They will also be responsible for using the correct map and gametype settings listed above.

FFA matches have a 10 minute cutoff mark for disqualification. Hosts may officially begin their matches 10 minutes after the round start time. If Round 1 begins at 8:00pm, all matches are expected to begin by 8:10pm.

If your group’s host does not show up for the tournament, please contact a Beyond admin on our Website, Twitter, Xbox Live, or Discord so we can step in to organize your lobby.

You can catch our first Halo tournaments of 2018 on our Mixer channel! Make sure to give the channel a follow!