H1Z1 Playerbase Grows 1000% In The Past 6 Months | Beyond Entertainment


Early-access shooter H1Z1: King of the Kill saw a 1000% increase in players over the past six months, according to tracking site GitHyp. Daybreak Games’ standalone battle royale population declined rapidly in its first six months on the Steam marketplace. Following September 2016’s update, numbers for the game are hitting all-time highs both on Steam and Twitch. Daybreak Games decided to keep the IP early access via an update versus a retail launch and it seems to be paying off.

GitHyp co-founder Paul Curtin’s analysis of their data collection states the competitive shooter struggled for 10,000 concurrent players mere days before the major update. Now, this past weekend, player counts averaged over 72,000 and reached an all-time high of 110,109. It’s position on the Twitch charts are just as impressive, reaching 89,000 concurrent viewers back in February.

With respect to other zombie survival shooters, H1Z1 destroys the competition. This comes on account of H1Z1 being more or less a split IP; H1Z1: Just Survive is also early access on Steam and available for $19.99. Despite its mediocre aggregate scores, King of the Kill reached its peak and the trend looks to continue given its spectator-based popularity and accessible price.

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