Gnasher Improvement Planned for Gears of War 4

By: Jason Segalla | March 3rd, 2017

Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition provided additional details for the Gnasher shotgun change present in the upcoming March update.

The change addresses complaints from players regarding inconsistent spread and kills from the Gnasher at very close range. In previous GoW titles and the current, the Gnasher shot began to spread out from the stock of the gun rather than beginning to spread at the barrel where a the shot would exit from a real gun. As a third-person, cover-based shooter, this purposeful design prevented players from shooting through walls but at the cost of expected accuracy at close ranges.

The Coalition is currently testing the upcoming change, doing extra checks to make sure that moving spread origin from stock to barrel does not result in players being able to shoot through walls. The change is still expected to be implemented in the March update later this month.

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