Gears of War 4 July Hotfix and Update

By: James Glaze | July 12th, 2017

Gears of War 4 will receive a small update today that will fix a number of reported bugs.  Along with the bug fixes, map rotations will receive a refresh, and a Competitive 2.0 Beta test playlist will be introduced. Below are the Update Notes.

Update Notes

  • Fixed an exploit where immediately swapping to another weapon while revving the Torque Bow shows the player having a different weapon when they are still revving the Torque Bow
  • Avalanche: Fixed an issue where players could be killed in the Avalanche area if an Avalanche occurred during a round transition.
  • Reclaimed Windflare: Adjustments to the Lightning Strike fizzle to ensure it represents the actual damage radius of the Strike


With today’s release, map rotation is also getting an update.  Every map that is currently available for GoW 4 will be in the Versus Public Play Map Rotation from here on out.  This means that every map will have an equal chance of appearing and this will be monitored to make sure maps don’t become overplayed.

Along with this, a Competitive 2.0 Beta test playlist is being pushed.  Within this playlist, the new Competitive settings for Season 2 of Gears eSports will be showcased.  These settings have been fine tuned and tested by GoW Pros who have played at the studio during playtests.  This playlist will go live on Friday July 14th.  A full list of what to expect in this playlist will be revealed later this week.

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Source: GearsofWar