Gears Pro Circuit Players Suspended

By: Devin Sidhu | June 20th, 2017

After the conclusion of Season 1 of the Gears Pro Circuit, the Gears Esports team looked into several altercations that occurred over the season and violated their Code of Conduct. After the investigations ended, Gears Esports doled out these rulings:

Chris “Xcells” Hill, a player for Enigma6 Group has been suspended from Gears Pro Circuit events and all Gears Pro Point activities, including GameBattles and sanctioned LAN tournaments. His suspension will last for the duration of the Gears Pro Circuit Season 2. Xcells was reportedly disrespectful and threatening to event staff, partners and media personnel.

Kaid “GODPLAY5” Saleh, who formerly played for eUnited received the same suspension except it will only last until after the 3rd event of the Gears Pro Circuit Season 2. He ended up with this suspension due to 2 physical altercations, including one with OpTic Gaming’s “Red Icy.” It is also worth noting that GODPLAY5 did apologize for these altercations.

Meanwhile, Nicholas “Red Icy” Cope also received a controversial suspension from events and Pro Point activities until after the first event of Season 2 due to his involvement in an altercation with GODPLAY5.. Some fans have took issue with this due to the general opinion that Red Icy was not responsible for the altercation.

These rulings come at a time when contracts and penalties for player actions are hot debates within the esports community. Gears Esports has shown that they intend to back their Code of Conduct without compromise.

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Source: GearsofWar