Gears Anniversary Brings Updates

By: Connor Murphy | November 4th, 2016

With the franchise’s tenth anniversary on November 7, The Coalition looks to revamp the customization and Credit-earning experience in Gears of War 4. A new teaser included in The Coalition’s post reintroduces a member of the Carmine lineage as a playable character—shortly before executing poor Gary multiple times. Check it out below.

The 200-Credit Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack contains items celebrating 10 years of both Carmines and Gears of War, with a guarantee for one item, one emblem, and a random card from the launch card set. Among the Carmine-themed items are the Anthony Carmine Longshot, Benjamin Carmine Gnasher, and the Clayton Carmine Lancer. You can start earning these packs November 7.

Today, The Coalition will update the entire Gear Pack system. Per community manager Liam Ashley, the update focuses on providing consistent Credit-earning as well as more opportunities for customization unlocks. The Credit earn rate for Versus Multiplayer will see an overall boost, the amount of Credits earned after a loss will be closer to what’s earned on the winning side, and the rebalanced Bounties “will award significantly improved XP or Credits”. Also, to provide more unlocks, Versus and Horde Booster Packs now contain one guaranteed customization item, and Operations Packs bump to two guaranteed. This range of updates will come as a relief to those grinding Gears 4 multiplayer for seemingly minimal gains.

Gears 4 MP

Other announcements include community playdates with The Coalition in honor of “10 Years of Gears”, the launch of The Coalition Army—the developer’s community-based initiative, as well as the addition of two “fan-favorite” playlists: the Longshot-spawning “One Shot, One Kill” and “Gnashers-Only King Of The Hill”.

From the updates and upgrades discussed, it would appear The Coalition has taken the feedback of the community into account. The Gears grind is on track to provide a rewarding experience for continued play, and fine-tuning of the Bounty system can keep players coming back for more. Their conduct surrounding the release of Gears 4 shows dedication to supporting both the title as well as the wishes of their vocal community. For future announcements from The Coalition, stay tuned.