GameBattles Now Integrated in CoD Infinite Warfare

By: James Glaze | May 11th, 2017

Today, Major League Gaming announced that GameBattles is now integrated within Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  This integration is being rolled out as a Beta; there were no details on a timeframe for an official launch.

MLG explained that during this Beta, competitors in GameBattles will have access to features including ‘automatic lobby creation with specific ruleset, maps and modes, as well as post-game match reporting directly from the game.’

Infinite Warfare’s new GameBattles features are unlocked in game once the player links their GameBattles account to the game.  Certain Tournaments and Ladders will be available to play today.  All matches will be played on Dedicated Servers, as stated in the video above.

If you participate in the Beta, MLG encourages players to give their feedback so they are able to make improvements moving forward.  If this new GameBattles integration proves a success, it is safe to say this could be a staple feature moving forward in future Call of Duty titles.

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Source | MLG