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Former #1 (on and off with friends) and mid 2012 through early 2014 top 5, X360 BF3 Dogfighter and top tier BF3 X360 5v5 player. I also was on several top 5 8v8-12v12 conquest teams.


The games I play the most are - BF3 (PC) - I'm stuck in the past (dogfighting & pub-stomping), L4D2, The Elder Scrolls, The Fallouts, Smash, Gears, Mario Kart, and the Halos.


Communication, cohesion, positioning, angles, strategy, awareness, logic, intelligence, analysis, humility. A teammate lacking in any one of these traits simply does not meet the standard of my competitive experience. A team is only as strong as its weakest member and any team that is without weakness in these regards will undoubtedly be far more likely to experience consistent success.


Film study and situational practice sessions, among other things, can be invaluable to both the individual and the team. All teammates should be on the same page and possess a mutual understanding and awareness regarding the various situations and setups the team experiences throughout a match. Communication should be largely calm, quiet, concise, and without any filler or unnecessary comments.


Some people rely far too heavily upon statistics to gauge a players overall worth, which is foolish. Stats without context don't mean anything. Attempting to quantify a players current ability and or potential requires thorough analysis in regards to their hand eye coordination (aiming), decision making, game knowledge, movement, current teammates, playstyle etc.My favorite eSports are - Halo, Smash, and Overwatch...however if BF1 somehow ends up being great, which is quite unlikely, I'd happily add that to my list.....aaannd its casual garbage :*(


Live music (Crowd noise doesn't bother me) - http://tinyurl.com/nj46ujc http://tinyurl.com/oho77zg http://tinyurl.com/pk8rby5 http://tinyurl.com/pffdvnn http://tinyurl.com/cknxvfc - That kind of stuff.


Anime - http://myanimelist.n...file/SwitchHook


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