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Today, 01:27 AM



Never forget this iconic video

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Today, 12:18 AM

Legit had people playing Melee in the office today - work ceased for quite some time. 

My new strategy for organizing LANs for Halo or other games is to ALWAYS include smash


i'm not joking. its the universal game. everyone will fucking play smash and have a good time. thats the beauty of it.

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Yesterday, 09:14 PM

Ninja is what you call charismatic. Right or wrong, stupid or smart he's going to be charismatic about his breakfast or what he thinks happens to his soul after death and for some reason or another charismatic guys do all right for themselves in this world - even though they're sometimes right, wrong, stupid and smart about what they're talking about - they're going to make a splash and create friends and enemies, everyone should just chill out either way


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Yesterday, 01:20 AM

Anyone here ever try their hand at Melee netplay? I can usually get local games with the boys here at home but netplay is convenient for when we don't get together.

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18 November 2017 - 02:16 PM

Every person who votes H3 in this game can die in a fucking fire.

I'm surprised you're still playing didn't you sell your xbox