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In Topic: Super Smash Bros Thread

22 February 2018 - 02:01 AM

anyone going to big house 8 this year ?

me and my buddies are really looking at going and seeing how much progress we can make in terms of learning and such. we just started getting into taking the game seriously and its been a blast so far. 

In Topic: Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

12 February 2018 - 07:10 PM

Upstages him by 5x, gets 1/5th the rep.

Nice guys always finish last

In Topic: Halo: The Master Chief Collection Discussion

12 February 2018 - 02:56 AM

Anybody playing any fighting games?


In Topic: Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

11 February 2018 - 08:55 PM

@CyReN I'll buy premium right now if Cooper's ban is lifted

In Topic: OT of GD

02 February 2018 - 12:51 AM

I play casually but I still go to my local tournaments at school. What region are you in? I'm definitely a netplay fan.

michigan so midwest. arent you NJ? no idea what pings would be like but they shouldnt be terrible. i just recently tried getting back into smash after taking like an 8+ year break from it and have been enjoying my time back to it and actually trying to improve at it