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Guest Message by DevFuse


UMG Halo Feedback

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51 replies to this topic

#1   Prophet

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:05 PM


Hello there. Just got home from my drive back from Chicago (Long ass drive). Figured I'd jump on here and, first off, thank you all for the support. Secondly, I'd like to hear your feedback for UMG Chicago. What did you like? What didn't you like? What can I do to make it better for YOU? Thank you guys, seriously. 

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#2   CyReN



  • Admin
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Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:06 PM

One of the best Halo events I've seen in a while. Besides the rough start on Saturday morning the event went pretty smooth. The casting and games played were top notch most of the weekend. The only gripes I had was the lack of Skyline (seem to be a technical issue) and the graphics on Sunday with the team colors. Our graphics guy came up with this after one AGL event, could be cool to see at future events.


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#3   Infinity

  • Admin
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  • 8,511 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:07 PM

Aside from the technical issues and shaky start on Saturday this is the best and most interesting Halo event I've ever watched.

-Add face cams

-Add listen-ins

-Add that scoreboard graphic you had at the end of sunday (Classic 0-6 Ambush, etc.)



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#4   Saucey

  • Admin
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  • 7,847 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:08 PM

Amazing casting - Stream was ran well, was very entertaining to watch. 


Face cams are always good :)


Yes you guys had a few bumps with maps, and equipment etc but you recovered quickly and kept it moving - Pretty impressive for UMG's first Halo tournament! I look forward to more #UMGHALO in the near future :)




edit: I also like the fact there were no listen ins, players tend to say some pretty messed up things and it makes our community look bad.  However it can be entertaining - If you guys were to add in a "listen in" feature I would play it maybe towards the end of a close match where it would be the most entertaining to hear.

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#5   Germinator911

  • Member
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Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:09 PM

It was quite the event, very fun to view on stream. Apart from the technical difficulties you had on Saturday it ran pretty smoothly in my opinion. Just need to add some face cams for players and listen ins and I have no doubt UMG Halo events can only get better.

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#6   Heywod



  • Member
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Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:10 PM

Saturday morning was rough. This was a huge learning experience for UMG but once we got it rolling I feel things went great for us. Skyline was out of our hands. We had it downloaded and then out of no where it was gone from the Xbox. I personally apologized to every player I could that we couldn't run skyline. I know a lot of teams worked really hard mastering that map just to have it thrown out. In the end I just want to thank everyone for bearing with us on Saturday and watching the stream. 

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#7   Arsonist

  • Member
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  • 38 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:15 PM

I was the best event I have watched in a while. Everything was perfect (except for the Saturday incident) and if UMG looked to throw more events it would make me really happy. Keep it up! :D

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#8   The Snazzer

The Snazzer
  • Member
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Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:18 PM

It was the best Halo 4 event yet.

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#9   rodereve

  • Member
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Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:21 PM

It was all the small details that I liked. Making them put up scoreboard at the end of every game, instead of commentators trying to get like a 1s glimpse at it. Very professional casting. Interviews after a good series and right before a series. I actually don't mind lack of facecams, as long as the correct name/team is there I like seeing as much of the HUD as possible. sometimes at AGL there'd be a different facecam for someone different playing with a different name/team lol that made it really confusing.


The only thing that I would like to see is listen-ins and less downtime between games (dont show us the camera view of them setting up, go to another interview or crowd interaction or gameplay of FFA/practice/even custom gametypes and maps that the community want to showcase) . the fast switches are a welcome addition

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#10   Uninterpretable

  • Member
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  • 160 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:22 PM

Needed more Uncle Sudd. :unclesudd:



Seriously though, face cams.


Honestly Listen ins I think should only be played during the beginning of a match if anything. Starting strategies kind of set the tone of the game so its always interesting to hear how a team likes to start. and if its at the beginning the players wont be as hyper and i dont think you have to worry about the foul language. 


It sorta bothered me how you guys started showing the game about 10 seconds after the game actually started.


Oh yeah, and having the wrong name for the players on some matches was annoying too haha


and of course...other than all the technical difficulties and the chat spammers it was an amazing event!



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#11   Faeyrin

  • Member
  • 1191

  • 1,671 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:23 PM

Listen ins are nice, but don't over do it. A few minutes once a match is good enough. I much more prefer caster commentary over loud yelling of a team.

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#12   blinkz

  • Member
  • 8

  • 27 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:26 PM

I thought it was great, the listen in thing is a fine line because you get a lot of funny trash talk but at the same time I think it can drive away some newer people.

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#13   TYRO

  • Member
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  • 55 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:32 PM

Things I ultimately enjoyed:

  • Commentary was really good (Some could use some work on clear speaking)
  • Games were very competitive
  • Someone in the chat (at the event on staff) talking and giving updates was a really nice addition
  • Your ability to adapt with the technical issues and press forward showed and was appreciated


Things I would like to see:(although not all may be of high importance)

  • Keep commentators from talking to people behind the camera etc
  • Put there drinks in mugs or something (again not that important)
  • Clear, slow, understandable commentary is again of great importance I feel
  • Listen ins would be nice (understandable though for this event that it wasn't available)
  •  In addition, it just seemed a little clustered and unorganized with all the wiring and whatnot showing when we'd see the teams.
  • Maybe have that webcam placed accordingly


Again, some of these were just minuet things that I saw and although they aren't of extreme importance, I think they could all add up to an even better experience.


Keep it up UMG and the appropriate staff members.

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#14   logan

  • Member
  • 1566

  • 1,334 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:40 PM


-Good commentating.

-Responded to feedback really quickly and well.

-Good matches.



-The main stage was wire city though. It'd be nice to see the mainstage look clean and simple.

-No listen-ins.

-No face cameras.


All in all though, it was a really good event, nice job!

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#15   Dro


    ownd like a sweet muffin

  • Member
  • 65

  • 46 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 10:51 PM

I wasn't watching all of it at the time due to my timezone difference but I did stop by a few times to catch the stream there are some things I thought about:

Casters Desk: obviously this may have been out of the question for this event but it would be cool to have a Casters desk in its own area away from the fan area. I know that AGL and other events do it well but maybe logistically it is not available to us at this time from UMG.

Overlays: I think that not only UMG but AGL also need to upgrade. I think creating a basic overlay for the players cam, border for tournament name and current series score would be awesome to see. Something along the lines of what is pictured above in the 2nd post. When I get the chance maybe I can come up with one to give as an example.

Other then that I am happy to see more tournaments come up for Halo. I can look to see maybe with some friends to find more venues as well for the Chicago area. If UMG is interested just PM me and we can do future Chicago events in other venues.

EDIT: This is based on my current knowledge of what I have watched. Others may have better opinions.
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#16   Lukes

  • Member
  • 561

  • 913 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 11:32 PM

I thought it was a great event overall. My negative feedback are for some minor things.


- Need listen-ins. At least for a little bit of the match especially the grudge match ones.


- Face cams would be nice, but it didn't really bother me not having them.


- Have cams where we can see both teams on the main stage instead of just one.


- Cleaner looking main stage without all the cords and plugs showing.


- Be more on top of the ad transitions. There were a lot of times where the music would still be going while the commentators were talking for at least a minute.


The rest were just live event hiccups like the map problems, sound going out, and Xbox's freezing which can happen to the best of production crews. I think it can only get better, so my hopes are high.

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#17   Frosty



  • Moderator
  • 9386

  • 3,308 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 11:46 PM

I think listen ins are great. People are saying to not have them because of the trash talk but come on people... its Halo.


Other than the no listen in part I think this was the best h4 tourney yet! Great competition.

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#18   The Snazzer

The Snazzer
  • Member
  • 2222

  • 2,398 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 11:51 PM

I think listen ins are great. People are saying to not have them because of the trash talk but come on people... its Halo.


Other than the no listen in part I think this was the best h4 tourney yet! Great competition.

 The commentating was great but listen-ins also give casters a break when a game is not very interesting. ( friday AM teams)

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#19   Ziethen

  • Member
  • 149

  • 250 posts

Posted 24 June 2013 - 11:56 PM

Watched with some friends and had a blast. As a slightly casual spectator, I'll give my opinion.



Quality was awesome with minimal lag. Very smooth stream, even on the highest settings. Huge, huge, huge plus.

Interviews were handled well. More would be even better, but it was awesome.

Interaction from you personally in the twitch chat was cool.


Possible Improvements:

Listen-ins. These are huge for me. Trash talk is entertaining, but it is also beneficial to hear and learn from the communication of the top teams.

Player cameras. This is also a big deal. Seeing somebody stand up after a huge play or watching a team go wild after a win is very entertaining for spectators.

Maybe add more guest commentators. I know players like Ninja and Ryanoob have a talent for commentating and have done it in the past. It is really cool to see them spectate series that aren't huge and hyped up.

Add something to the free for all warm ups that occur during games. Maybe an interview? Maybe some guest commentating? Something to spice them up and fill the down time.

Update the links on the twitch channel for the tournaments. The bracket linked to the previous CoD tournament bracket, and I wasn't sure where to even find the Halo bracket.


Things like the monitor problems and stream downtime on day one aren't a huge deal to me. Those flaws will be worked out. For your first tournament, it was awesome. It helped keep my weekend interesting, and I'm so grateful that you guys did it for the community.

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#20   Luis



  • Banned
  • -42

  • 84 posts

Posted 25 June 2013 - 12:04 AM

This was my first Halo event. Most of my time I spend following Halo online.

First timer impression 


1. Great area was picked.

2. Game Pazzo was layout perfectly. Ex: Main stage, 5 stations

3. The venue offered food & drinks but the venue had surrounding restaurants

4. Friendly staff who help right away when needed. Ex: We needed a 3.5mm cable and they provided

5. (My Fav) Commentators were facing main stage & Fans behind! Which gave it a nice look on Twitch but also helped the commentators see the emotion of the players



1. The event didn't have a set start time.

2. Practice was not rotated: same teams kept practicing over and over for many hours.

3. (Just to give it a professional feel) Announce the names of the teams currently competing

4. Set a line where fans cant cross players competing



For a tournament announced a few months ago everything went awesome! With little advertising UMG was able to bring out 32 teams. Could you imaging 6 months of advertising leading up to the event!? 

Day two the the event went much more smoother!

Congratulations everyone!

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#21   VeryUncouth

  • Member
  • 134

  • 548 posts

Posted 25 June 2013 - 12:41 AM

All the "Improvements" have been stated. I just really want to see more Events, AGL and UMG switching off every month? Working together to advertise and help each other grow. That kind of setup would give each company 6 events a year which is a lot. I really want to see the competitive Halo community get some stable ground to stand on. All in all I loved the event and can't wait for more.

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#22   Clipen

  • Member
  • 378

  • 452 posts

Posted 25 June 2013 - 12:45 AM

The constant flow of interviews was great. I like hearing what pros have to say about the competition, their team, etc... I'd say make sure Goldenboy is at every UMG as he is one of the best video game commentators out there. Bravo was also really cool to have because of all the insights and he knows Halo 4 to a tee. Honestly I missed alot of the beginning of the tournament so I didn't see any of the downtime. 


Great job.

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#23   Genesis

  • Member
  • 30

  • 42 posts

Posted 25 June 2013 - 01:20 AM

I would for sure love to see Face Cams, and also a Astro listen ins. 


All the casters were perfect but i would still love to see a gandhi maven duo in the booth too.


Hopefully a bit more smoothly ran stream but i don't blame you guys every1 has a first rough day with a stream. 


Also i noticed a lot of box freezes than usual.


Great tourney all around I loved watching every second of it, Thank you so much for throwing a sick tourney!

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#24   The General

The General
  • Member
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Posted 25 June 2013 - 01:29 AM

Was my first event I attended ever, and I gotta say it was great.  The venue was easy enough to get to, lots of space inside and the staff was very friendly.  I was really impressed by the production of everything and how smoothly you guys handled the problems that did occur (i.e. Dersky's TV shutting itself off and Legit's Xbox freezing up). I loved the commentating and realized just how much I missed Goldenboy :P  If you guys don't put on another Halo event I'll be dissappointed but I'll know I have attended the Best Halo 4 event to date :D If ya do put on another one you best expect me to be showing up ready for more halo


I posted a photo album of the trip on reddit, so anybody who wants to know what the venue looks like click here http://www.reddit.co..._opener_played/

or here


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#25   Jinxer

  • Member
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Posted 25 June 2013 - 01:36 AM

This hasn't been said much but I like when production crews have the crowd behind the commentators. I'm not sure but I've never really liked when the commentators were in a little booth. I didn't like when MLG switched from the H3 mainstage booth to the Halo Reach booth and I feel that AGL should do what UMG but make it a little better.


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