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#352999 Halo 5: Guardians Discussion

Posted by Cursed Lemon on 13 December 2014 - 03:05 PM



Look, man. 


The very first thing that we're going to tell you is that your method of thinking is completely backwards from what needs to happen for the Halo franchise. I discussed this in the middle of a profanity-laden rant on a Bomb Planted episode when I said that the Halo series' mutliplayer is not in a state where we need to think about going forward; it is in a state where we need to think about going backward to fix the overarching problems that have nagged this series ever since the first sequel, before we even begin to think about adding new content on top of it. You're speaking about trying to create a fresh experience, but nobody at Bungie or 343 has ever communicated to us that they understand what the actual issues are that plague Halo's multiplayer and interfere with that kind of world-building attitude. 


First of all, stop using gameplay elements to justify your aesthetic (or the other way around, whatever). I question the need to even employ this manner of thinking outside the campaign, as Halo's mutliplayer has always been a somewhat cartoonish side aspect compared to its single-player experience. There is no immersion in LoL's multiplayer, there is no immersion in CoD's multiplayer, because when pushed to the bleeding edge of competitive play both of these games look simply ridiculous. We're not focusing on realistic callouts from our teammates' avatars (an utterly ridiculous concept to start with), we're not focused on what our Spartan should be able to do based on lore and fair portrayal of a super soldier in the future. Let me restate this for emphasis - nobody who is trying to win at Halo cares about these things. Halo is not a simulator. 


And before anyone even begins to bring this up, casual players do not matter in this discussion. The last two Halo games have seen massive dropoffs in both casual and competitive populations, so there is a global problem festering here, and no amount of spinning will distract anyone with a brain from that fact. Casual players had their shot to show just how into things they were with the broken gameplay elements of the last two installments that were presented so shamelessly fed to them with a silver spoon, and they dropped the ball. They don't get a say in this because they turned their backs to Halo just like the competitive community did. After getting the shaft for more than seven years, I think it's now our turn to get what we want. 


But getting back to the problems, Halo players do not need "fresh and interesting combat options". What we need is for the developers to understand some very basic tenets about what Halo's gameplay is made of, because this is the thing that seems to be sorely lacking. Halo is a weird arena/squad mutant hybrid baby. Initially, there was no running or standing bloom. You can run at full speed zoomed in our out, there is palpable vertical access, and there are weapons on map. But then you have reloading, recharging shields, a max of two weapons, and grenades. In addition, there are some weird - but extremely important - aspects to Halo that lie somewhere in between, such as the medium running speed, the concept of a utility weapon plus the idea that you are supposed to hit the grand majority of  your shots with it, and the specific resolution of kill times which lies squarely in the middle of squad-shooter-instant-death and the long, drawn out jousting matches of arena combat. 


Now, let's get in depth on that for a second. Arena shooters have very extrapolated gunplay exchanges, and yet...squad shooters are the biggest culprits of camping. Do you notice how interesting that is? The mobility, the kill times, the weapon access and mechanics, these all have a multi-tiered interplay that produces results which are not necessarily the most intuitive. The point of me saying this is that Halo does not have a comfortable resting place between these two concepts. On the contrary, it sits on a very delicate fulcrum between them, where any minor adjustment can have drastic consequences for the gameplay. Take a look at Halo 2, for example. This is a game littered with problems, but the one thing that broke combat for years afterward was the lack of power that the battle rifle had compared to the pistol. It took literally more than twice as long to kill an opponent with perfect shooting, but if you were shooting someone in the back or at an unfortunate angle, you now had to blow an entire clip just to kill that one enemy. That, along with the change in map design philosophy, completely altered the way that Halo was played...for the worse, as most of us would tell you. 


The only actual gameplay element that has been brought up so far is sprint. We say sprint is broken, you say that sprint enables creativity. Well, first of all, that would be true if Halo was actually a game with different classes that had incredibly distinct mobility differences, but that's not the case and never has been. Halo will never be a class shooter, no matter how much anyone tries to force it, as long as it still vaguely plays like Halo. So we're left with every Spartan awarded the ability to burn out and take off across the battlefield. As I mentioned in a post a while ago, this has many detrimental effects on gameplay:


  • Sprint influences map design by pushing developers to make larger maps, which is inappropriate for Halo's core gameplay
  • It creates a large area of "no man's land" on a map where nobody is actually expected to have a gunfight
  • It also creates areas that are just segues into different parts of the map, e.g. the hallways on Adrift - those are not ideal fighting locations (see Chill Out for proper map-making inspiration)
  • Sprint deconstructs the spawning system because players are able to get back in the battle too quickly, especially with a straight-shooting weapon like the DMR and lots of open spaces
  • Sprint ruins map geometry by creating gaps that can only be traversed with sprint-powered jumps; jumping and shooting is kind of important in Halo
  • Most significantly, it causes the Spartan to lower their weapon - at no point in a Halo game should a person be unable to shoot their gun unless they're holding the objective (lol, flagnum)
  • It downplays the vertical aspect of Halo hugely, creating maps that are horizontally gigantic but vertically insignificant

This is probably not even the entire list of problems that sprint brings to the table. But the thing is, man...I don't even have to think that long or that hard to come up with a list of reasons why sprint is bad news for this game series. The lack of consequential logic here baffles me to no end, as does the complete absence of respect for Halo's fundamental gameplay. 


Look, if you want to turn Halo into something completely different, then fine, that's your prerogative and your right as the people who have their legal fingers around the franchise. At that point, however, asking us our feelings becomes completely irrelevant. You guys know how to write Halo's programming, we know how to win tournaments. We push this game and exploit it and abuse it, and as a result we are very acquainted with all the seemingly trivial minutia and we know how things are going to play out when you've got eight people in a match who want to beat the other guys. Asking us to warm up to deviant changes in Halo's gameplay style, when they are clearly not intended to cater to us, is a fruitless endeavor. You can consider us an outlier in the grand scheme of things for selling your game, and that's fine. I would argue, first of all, that the tournament scene is the single biggest element of post-release exposure for the Halo franchise, and it had always been that way before we finally threw in the towel. But even beyond that, letting us influence the development of a Halo game (and I mean in a MEANINGFUL way) shows a very strong commitment to forging a creative product that is fundamentally sound, not just something that satisfies the shareholders. 


Nobody here knows precisely how the politics work up there in 343 studios. Nobody knows who makes the real decisions, nobody knows if you've got black suits with sunglasses and earpieces peering over your shoulders, or if a bunch of corporate hacks are the ones calling the shots. We just know Halo, and you know what, we're pretty good at it. We're a valuable source of information about how to make this game function right on the bullet-to-helmet level. 


I ask with as much patience as I have in me that you don't come here with the intention of calming the revolt. I want you to understand what we're saying - even and ESPECIALLY if you can't make what we want happen. 

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#724616 HCS Pro League Summer 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by Dreamer on 30 March 2016 - 01:07 AM

All the hate on Robby is unnecessary and 75% of you don't even know what you're talking about. All he cares about is having the best team to compete and take that W and in his past experience he's never held a player for ransome when he could've easily taken that rout. If you talk to him or read some of his past tweets in The last year you'll clearly see that he'll never hold a competitor back from competing and following their dreams. Idk if I'm supposed to say this but he didn't even take a % of our winning plus his team won cod Champs last year and was contracted like 10% and decided to let the team keep everything even though it was contracted! With that being said I look forward to be working with Robby for a long time and our decision on the roster should be announced tomorrow. #WOLFPACK


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#932920 I have devised a way to demonstrate heavy aim

Posted by Mib2347 on 04 April 2017 - 09:47 AM

I've modded a controller so that when it vibrates it activates the thumbstick to turn left at 100% force for however long the vibration occurs. So now when I shoot a weapon in game it vibrates which turns the reticle for a exact amount of time. This is a way of emulating a precise thumbstick movement.

To test the mod for consistency I loaded Halo 1 and started the mission Halo. I got a checkpoint and then shot once to move the aim. Then I reloaded the check point to reset the aim and shot again. The idea is that if I start from the same position and shoot to trigger the vibration which emulates the thumbstick movement, then the reticle should end up in the same place every time. Out of 67 shots on the video 66 times it moved to the exact same place. Here is the video


I actually performed the test without filming earlier and after 100 times just once did the aim land somewhere unexpected. It moved from the same position and ended up in the exact same place 99 out of 100 times.

Then I loaded up a custom game of Halo 5. I played on coliseum and removed all the spawns and made just one. I didn't move the reticle and did the same method of firing one bullet to make vibration mod activate the thumbstick movement. The aim landed in one of 3 precise locations despite receiving the exact same input every time. I can confidently say that the aim is very inconsistent in Halo 5. The video shows how bad it is


Also I have a video in the campaign. 3 times the aimer goes further than expected, 3 times not quite as far, and then the rest land in the middle of those extremes.


Out of interest I tried the test in the same part of campaign again but this time with the Xbox in offline mode. Heavy aim still happened.

It looks like input lag is caused when the CPU is being bogged down and not able to calculate input as expected. This occurs during campaign while in offline mode with very controlled conditions so the issue is something fundamental with the way the game works.

As soon as you take that broken mechanic online the stress on the CPU only gets worse. If you have all your armor, helmet, visor, weapon skin unlocks loaded into ram then that leaves less for the CPU. If you have a bad connection to the server then there's a delay the exchange of information between your Xbox and the server so your Xbox has to do things like estimate the position of other players more frequently which tasks the CPU.

A perfect example of all this is in optic documentary the 343 employee says to royal 2 while the special network stats menu is running "You have zero 0 latency so you're getting the full 60 frames from the server". Royal 2 then says the aim feels great in that situation

SacUSA had a genius idea of using machina mode as it displays your reticle postion with numbers.

The video is below

You will see that it does land it the exact same place for periods of time but then it changes.
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#835686 HCS Pro League Fall 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by LethuL on 14 September 2016 - 05:36 PM

Everything I do is calculated. 

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#530135 Halo World Championship 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by Clap on 04 August 2015 - 10:31 AM


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#891820 Halo World Championship 2017 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by Shooter on 16 January 2017 - 06:42 PM

Addressing the whole situation about our pro seed:


Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to post this. I was going to make a video explaining everything that happened but I just haven't had time the last few days and thought this would be easier. I know it’s pretty long, I tried to make it as short as possible and focus just on exactly what happened. With that, let's get started. The first thing I want to talk about is the contracts.  After relegations, the only two players under contract with E6 are Cratos and bubu dubu. I was under contract during summer pro league but I had not resigned a contract when I rejoined from Allegiance during the fall transfer period. Suspector wasn't under contract either, I'm not exactly sure why that was. Fast forwarding: Bubu and I now have our team and our next step is to look for an org.


I had reached out to Connor (The owner of Allegiance) and we both expressed interest. He reached out to Chris (The owner of E6) to see if they could work something out. This is when things started to get complicated. When Connor reached out to Chris, Chris let bubu know that he had given E6 the right to his right to the league spot in his contract. To keep it short, since bubu and Cratos were both under contract, E6 has two players’ rights to their right to have a pro league spot, meaning they can control what happens with the spot. So, the problem we were having was that when Chris and Connor were negotiating a buyout, the price was very high because bubu AND the spot were being sold to Allegiance. Now we get to the part where Cratos says we don't care about the league spot.  At this point, we know this is probably not going to be able to happen.


No organization would pay this much money for bubu and the league spot. Plus, bubu and I are really stressed out at this point we just wanted to get everything figured out as quickly as possible.  We also really wanted to be a part of Allegiance.  So, we told Chris we don't care about the league spot because at worst case, we were ok with letting the spot dissolve just like Allegiance's spot did and we would just have to play for it next season.  Hypothetically, us and problem solvers should be able to get back into pro league. We believe in ourselves enough to take the risk. Now things get crazy. (I think Cratos came up with this idea but I'm not 100% sure.) The plan was that our team would submit our roster under the Allegiance pro seed as "Myself, Renegade, Falcated, and Str8 Sick" and they would submit their roster under the E6 pro seed as "Nemassist, Naded (I think it was going to be Monster but I'm not sure), Cratos, and bubu dubu.  We would both skip St. Louis, and when we were eligible for a roster change we would switch Str8 Sick and bubu.


Basically, we would both get a pro league spot and us personally, would get Allegiance. However, we would both lose our pro seed for Vegas and we would both lose our only roster change for the season. bubu and I were not on board with this plan at all. We are a new team and a young team, and we can't afford to skip a LAN especially before world's. We were also not willing to give up our pro seed and our only roster change option for the season. The handicap was just too much. Regardless, Connor and Chad (The manager for the Allegiance Pro League spot) weren't on board with the plan either.  They just didn’t feel comfortable doing something like this and I completely agree.


So basically, the whole plan falls through. This is the point when Connor lets us know that he is going to start talking to other teams. Meanwhile, I get a text from Ryanoob. He says, "Yo, Cratos is saying you're getting screwed out of a seed somehow. The team was me, Zeke (Prototype), Cory (Str8 Sick), and Dastroyed but Cratos is saying he has a seed so now Cory is trying to team with them" This is when I say, "He cannot have a seed without me, bubu, or Suspector lol it's not possible" (little did I know....). Before all of this, I don't think there's a pro, manager, org, or fan who would disagree with that statement. I precede to then say "Regardless, if Jesse and I were to get screwed out of one doesn't mean he would get one lol the spot would just fizzle out like ALG's" (little did I know again....). So, in my head, the only way this would be possible was if E6 forced (per the contract) bubu and Cratos to team together. Neither team would get to go to go to St. Louis and then they would drop Jesse after and pick up Nemassist. I know that E6 would never do something like this.  So now, all I'm thinking is that Cratos is just saying this because he wants Str8 Sick to team with him. That's the only explanation I can come up with. It's at this point I assume (January 5th), that Cratos and ESL/Halo already discussed everything about the loophole.


No one from ESL or Halo bothered to tell us about it by the way, (until Jan 11, the day before the lock) which I think is comical. A few days go by, and Chris and Connor aren't really making progress. Now it’s Tuesday, January 10th. Chris sends Cratos, Showtime, and bubu a group text which says something along the lines of: You guys need to discuss this amongst yourselves and come up with a solution. This isn't about contracts anymore. So, myself, bubu, Cratos, and Showtime join a skype call which consists mostly of us telling Cratos how wrong this is and Cratos telling us that he's just doing what's best for him (This is also the point where Cratos after the fact is claiming on the forums that he told bubu about what they could do). I had absolutely no idea that what happened was a possibility.


I was so sure that you needed two players to keep a spot no matter what.  Cratos claims that he told bubu that this was possible, but bubu says that he didn’t. bubu never said anything to me about it or even seemed concerned with this outcome. Regardless, when I'm telling Cratos that what he wants us to do is just not right, I'm referring to the plan of: Cratos wants bubu to team until after St. Louis, neither of our teams go, and they keep the Pro League spot. In essence, I'm calling Cratos' bluff because Chris just clearly told all of us that this wasn't about contracts anymore. Looking back at it, the conversation was pointless.  The next day, Wednesday January 11th, I get the email.
"The manager of the team is responsible for submitting any and all roster changes to the League. Any changes made without the manager is a violation of League rules and will be treated as such. If Nick Laskaras, manager of HCS Pro league team Enigma 6, submits a roster consisting of Cratos, bubu dubu, and two additional players, that is officially the Enigma 6 roster. If a player then contests that it is not the roster, and that one of the two original members (Cratos or bubu dubu) is leaving or has left the team, it would fall under the rule "player leaving".”
“Engima 6, following past precedent in the League, will be allowed to replace bubu dubu and retain their position in the league, as well as their top 8 seed for UGC St. Louis."
I can't describe to you guys how I felt after I read that email (this is why a lot of pro players try to tell you guys how stressful it is to be a pro halo player. For the most part, nothing feels secure). Especially a player like myself, who hasn't really made it yet. We just lost our pro league spot, our pro seed, and we end up losing Allegiance because when I tell Connor we’re going to lose our spot, he decides that he is going to go with Problem Solvers. Not only that, THEY GET THE SPOT. Meaning that our team, or Problem Solvers (now Allegiance), won't be in the next Pro League. How is this actually possible? I tried emailing a few things back saying things like "they are submitting a fake roster how can they do that and not be penalized?" Eventually, bubu and I got in a call with Mark Snyder and Kyle Elam and they explained everything to us. The only thing that matters is the manager. He can submit whatever roster he wants and there's nothing anyone can do about it.  How does that make any sense? You already see how ridiculous our situation is, but another example: Let's say bubu and myself decided to go to EG and Suspector joined Liquid (we all have a seed and don’t need the E6 one); and Showtime hates Cratos. He could've submitted a roster of Cratos, bubu dubu, Billybob712, and AshtonKutcher63; and Cratos would've had to play with both players at St. Louis and at least one of those players for the remainder of the season. Also, we couldn’t request a manager change because we would've needed Suspector (who wasn't willing because he didn't want to get involved), and E6 to agree to on the change. Right or wrong, these rules make absolutely no sense.


It also didn’t help that everyone in the entire halo scene including myself thought the only thing that mattered was having two players from the original roster. I also want to stress that E6 had nothing to do with the decision that was made.  They do not deserve be taking any of the blame for what happened. Showtime was submitting that roster with or without a contract. Also, I know it’s fun for everyone to hate on them, but bubu and I really enjoyed playing for E6, especially the first season. That’s a time in my life that I will never forget. We really appreciate everything they did for us and we wish them the best of luck.
I also want to address the other team:
I already told Cratos that I was not making this to bash them. I made this purely to explain what happened. I think in most people's eyes, what they did was completely unethical.  I don't think there's another pro in this league who would even think about doing something like this, let alone actually doing it.  But they did what they did, and they need to hone it.  Naded claims he didn't know how everything was happening, but he did.  If you're Naded, and Cratos comes to you and says "Team with me I have a guaranteed league spot." Would you just leave Str8 Rippin (I have confirmation from APG that Naded did in fact leave Str8, he was not dropped) to team with Cratos and not ask how he has this guaranteed league spot? There's no way he would've joined until he was 100% certain (knowing every detail) that Cratos FOR SURE had the league spot. Cratos ended up confirming to me that Naded knew on Saturday anyway. And then I hear Str8 Sick in his stream saying things like: I didn't do anything. I just joined a team. Seriously? Everyone on that team is just as accountable as Cratos and Showtime are.


I'll say it again, they did what they did. So they better hone it. Because taking advantage of this loophole and taking away something bubu and I earned while also trying to say they're not at fault pisses me off more than them actually taking it. At least Cratos is honing what he did, and he also earned that spot with bubu and I. And don't think just because I’m saying that mean I'm giving Cratos and Showtime a pass for this, because I'm not.


As for our team, we think it’s inconceivable that something like this really happened. We will be attending St. Louis but we will not be representing anyone.  We are in talks with some orgs and I’m sure we’ll have something figured out before Vegas. I'm very excited to be playing with these super talented and awesome little kids and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Shooter's Daycare.  I’ll try to answer any more questions if I can, thanks everyone. 


- Shooter

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#838917 HCS Pro League Fall 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by StelluR on 19 September 2016 - 07:55 PM



For those of you wondering if I actually got signed out during that Pro League match Vs OpTic, The answer is yes. I took this Gyazo the day it happened. I went onto my Pro League Microsoft account and saw that my account had been recovered by an IP near Denver at 1:01 AM the morning of our Pro League Match. I waited to post this because I wanted to consult ESL first and give them a chance to find a punishment fitting the offense. 



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#833322 HCS Pro League Fall 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by StelluR on 11 September 2016 - 05:11 PM

Alright guys, yes I was dropped and it is a long story, but I have nothing else to do so here you go.


After the end of Summer Pro League Me, Eco and Suspector had agreed to be a to3 for the upcoming season. We ended up running with a few people and I had every intention of sticking with Eco and Suspector. Then Huke joined nV and E6 needed one so they asked Suspector and Suspector said he wanted to team with me so they just ended up offering both of us to team as well as $3k a month salary. Suspector really wanted to do it so I trusted him and a $3k a month salary so why would I turn it down. I would not have joined the team if i did not think we could do well. Once we agreed to join Cratos said actually the salary is $2.5k a month because the owner of E6 takes taxes out of it. Fast Forward and right before Chattanooga me and Suspector get our Contracts for $2.5k a month and we went to Chattanooga. We get back and we get a new contract for $1.5k a month. Me and Suspector said we aren't signing that $1.5k contract. Not sure why the E6 owner changed his mind about our Salary. Going from $2.5k to $1.5k. During this time I was pretty tilted and texted in our group chat that the reality is if Ayden and I were initially offered $1.5k a month we probably wouldn't be here. Which looking back was a shitty thing to say, but it is also true. I agreed to stick with Eco and would not have left him if this were the case. I left Eco because I thought we could be a good team and I would be getting a higher salary than if I were to stay with him on Liquid. So it was the smartest move for myself. Cratos offered us $3k a month fully knowing we would instantly disregard every and any other options about teaming. So our whole team gets in a call with the E6 owner a few days ago and the owner said he believes that Jesse and Carlos should be getting paid $2.5k while Ayden and I get $1.5k because they went through highs and lows together. I sympathize with Jesse and Carlos about all of the lows last season, hope you guys recover well, nah imagine. Ayden and I basically said that that is bullshit, every player should be getting the same salary. Also at some point in this call the E6 owner said how he could find out who all are family members are in a matter of 5 seconds, so that was pretty chill. Anyways at this point me and Ayden had been told 3 different salaries. So basically I was dropped because they don't want to team with someone if Its about the money, even though all Cratos does is brag about how rich the owner of E6 is. It is what it is and now i have AIDS. Also they will try to use a Sub for Pro League matches and Bench me, too bad for them they did not buy my contract from Liquid. So I will be playing. No emergencies over here xD, unless E6 pays someone 10k to break my fingers :\. Also they will be scrimming with a variety of people giving them the false hope of being picked up and then on the 23rd, when I leave they are planning on picking up shooter xDDDDDD

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#1001870 Halo World Championship 2018 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by Clap on 14 December 2017 - 02:03 PM






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#435068 Halo Championship Series Season 2 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by Ninja on 18 March 2015 - 11:29 PM

Me watching these C9 scrims like creepy-herman-cain.gif

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#772645 HCS Pro League Summer 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by ssbChad on 28 May 2016 - 07:56 PM



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#848961 HCS Pro League Fall 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by Mikwen on 08 October 2016 - 11:09 PM

and I'm telling every pro to take a stand to get MLG back involved, and everyone has agreed. How we're going to do this, not sure yet, but it needs to happen.

MLG will be involved with this or it's going to die, just the truth.
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#388705 My Passion is Dwindling - An Open Letter to the Halo Community

Posted by Dave_Easily on 17 January 2015 - 11:52 AM

My Passion is Dwindling - An Open Letter to the Halo Community


I have been around the Halo community for over ten years now (12 or so, I think, but I’m not entirely sure) and I am finally running out of steam.


I was, for a very long time, a “silent partner” in this community. In one form or another attempting to help out in the background of the phenomenal competitive scene we had and this game we love(d?) so much.


I was “outed” a couple of years ago by Walshy (I believe) and my name has been out there a little more ever since. It was not something that I desired and initially I shielded from it. At the time Halo 4 had just been released and the decision on whether or not we would be on the MLG circuit was still up in the air, officially at least.


Once Halo was officially removed from MLG, I made it a personal goal of mine to get as many teams and casters/commentators to the AGL events as I could. I immediately understood that with the prize money being significantly lower than previously and no stipends offered many of the top players would not risk travelling to lose money. I am sure you all remember the complete mess it turned into at that time. Players were leaving or switching to the new darlings of the circuit while others were trying to stick around and grind it out. I didn't know how I could help, but I sure wanted to.


I remember the night Lethal and Ninja got into a heated argument on stream about the future of the game. I know how I felt then – I, like Ninja, believed. 343i had given us ZBNS, right? They would get it right. They would cater to the competitive side of the game soon enough. So what that it didn't ship that way, neither did Halo 2 or Halo 3.


I tried to have a conversation with the AGL guys soon into that new year. For those who don’t know, my real job involves running sports teams, leagues and tournaments. No esport stuff, but I have a fair idea on how to improve upon yourself and build relationships, partners, sponsorship. What things to avoid as you start out, the dos and don’ts. Not everything I would have to say would be relevant, but I felt like I could offer them something. I was, of course, ignored. I’m not sure I can blame them – after all, who am I to them, the game, you, anyone? I will, however, say this – after dealing with them in a very short conversation I knew exactly how it would pan out (not the money stuff, obviously). A couple of immature guys with the fate of competitive Halo in their hands. They knew it too. They were arrogant before they had any reason to be. They turned us into a joke.


Meanwhile, 343 was really starting to show that they didn’t understand Halo. At all. They had hired members of our very own community. I doubt very much their voices were heard – if they even ever got a chance to be heard.


A few months of this cycle of crap, and no real direction with H4 and I was finally disillusioned with the whole thing. I never gave up (hope or effort) but I was pretty depressed by it all. I began investing in Halo 3 tournaments also. It was still fun to watch and had a pretty dedicated contingent of players and viewers. You know what? We pushed those numbers up for a while. I felt a sense of community again.


Alas, it didn't last!


It was rough being a fan and supporter during those dark ages. I think we can all agree on that.


I am starting to turn this into a fucking blog of my life story (which was not my intent) so I’ll try to be brief and I’ll not rehash the most recent events or complaints with 343i/Halo – I’ll try and get to my point.


MCC was supposed to save us. Ugh.


I genuinely thought that H5 would be a return to form. I (even though there was little evidence to support) felt like our voices would be heard.


Over the course of the last 10-12 years I have personally invested well over $200,000 of my own money. My accountant hates me and thinks there is something wrong with me. I do not and will not complain about this. I was never looking for a return in my “investments”.


The last 10 days or so the feeling in my gut has been telling me that it is over. Time to move on. However, I, like all of you, love this franchise WAY too much to just lay down. I don’t know if we’ll ever be heard. I have seen too many instances of awful arguments from 343i in regard to why they are doing certain things. I do not believe that they have any idea of what Halo is. Or an arena shooter, for that matter.


I had an idea to try and get some of the players from the top 8 teams together and stream a “talkshow” reviewing the H5 beta. My theory being that since 343i is investing into HCS they would listen to the players who had the potential to make that venture a success. I realize that those guys do not speak for everyone but I do believe they have the same issues we do and, frankly, they have more to lose. I feel like if they could be honest enough and outspoken enough we could be heard. I don’t know though.


Who am I? I am nobody. I don’t want you to think I think I am a “somebody”. I certainly do not.


Regardless, I am turning to you, TB. You are the heart and soul of the competitive community. We need to act and we need to act together – we need to find a way. This is all a bit of a fantasy to be honest, but I believe we can be heard if we speak together, if we act together. Is this a little “William Wallace” and (maybe) unrealistic? Probably. It’s now or never though, truly.


Thank you all for your continued dedication and support of Halo. 



NB: I created a new thread because I didn't really know where to place this – that alone probably seems a bit self-serving, but that is not the intent. Please do move this post if necessary or contact me and I will repost in the appropriate place.

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#729948 HCS Pro League Summer 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by mediabrute on 05 April 2016 - 12:05 PM

Halo Fans, RNG Fans, @Ninja Fans, @Commonly Fans....


I've been holding this one for a day when an official announcement comes, but I can hold it no longer. This is my favorite GIF I've ever created. Please enjoy.



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#878528 Halo World Championship 2017 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by ske7ch on 13 December 2016 - 05:54 PM

Came for the HWC/HCS 2017 hype, stayed for the Emma memes. 10/10 will return again ;) 

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#764162 HCS Pro League Summer 2016 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by OGRE2 on 16 May 2016 - 02:52 PM

alright alright you can hear it here first.....I'm coming out with my own Cereal brand.  

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#986423 HCS Pro League Fall 2017 Teams, Seeds, and Discussion‏

Posted by MultiLockOn on 26 September 2017 - 12:01 PM

Hey guys, I wanted to update you all on my situation with 343.


This is a little embarrassing and I've struggled back and forth about posting this publicly but I think it's best if I explain this once to everyone, and not a hundred times individually. As of yesterday 343 revoked their offer to me as a level designer. It seems that they weren't pleased with the way I've criticized them in the past between my posts on Forgehub and Beyond.  So whoever made the anonymous account on r/halo and posted screenshots of old posts, well...congrats! You won. In fact you won to the extent so that I already quit my prior job, sold my place in California, placed a $2500 payment on an apartment in Bellevue Washington (among other expenses), and began transporting my belongings up there.  Only to find out from the agency I was working under that my offer was withdrawn.  Which puts me in a tricky position where I am both unemployed (no Treyarch or 343) and scrambling to find some place to live - as I had briefly moved my belongings to my parents during this weird transition phase. So life has definitely thrown me a curve ball here.


Now hear me, I'm not looking for pity.  I believe I'm currently reaping what I've sowed; and it's not that I regret criticizing 343 publicly in the past because they are not above reproach - they know this as well.  But rather the way I've gone about it could always have been more...professional.  At least considering that my goal has always been to be in the industry I should've held myself to a higher standard (if that's not your goal then flame on).  I suppose a little patience over the years could have gone a long way in this moment.  I just wish communication would have been a bit clearer going either way to have avoided the pickle I'm currently in.  


The expenses isn't the bad part; I can deal with that.  I have no doubt I can find another level design job in the industry given time.  The aspect of this that really drives home is that this was Halo.  After all these years of forging, I thought what I wanted was 1: a proper editor without boundaries, 2:to be a professional.  It wasn't until I was sitting at Treyarch working on the highest grossing video game franchise in the world with every ounce of dev power at my disposal did I realize that it wasn't about the editor, or the money, or the prestige.  In fact after a 12 hour work day at Treyarch I would commute 3 hours home, sit down in front of my xbox, and start forging.  And I think it was in that moment that everything really clicked - nothing really matters unless you're building for the game you love. And for as long as I can remember it's been Halo, it's always been Halo.  All the dev tools in the world couldn't drive me away from clunking blocks together in forge just to have a single good 2v2 match before I knocked out for the night.  People always ask me why I play so much Halo 5 (Level 142) if all I do is bitch about it.  Well, I'd rather play a Halo game I hate than the greatest Battlefield game out there.  Or the best Call of Duty.  Or the best such and such.  Even with all the frivolous mechanics that have entered the franchise in the past decade that I don't agree with, the simple ebb and flow of a good pistol battle is something that you're not going to find elsewhere.


I was excited to leave my cushy Southern California to go to rainy Washington, I was excited to take a ~$10,000 paycut.  I was excited because I had finally made it to the place I felt like I was born to be in; Halo.  And honestly that's all that mattered to me - working on the franchise that I loved.  So to essentially already be in the door and then pushed back out is....difficult.  And even more difficult knowing that this is essentially a forever no, a "you insulted our franchise and employees and will probably never get a chance to work here" no. It's disheartening to the point where I'm not even sure if I want to pursue another position in the game industry at this point.  In the back of my head no matter where I worked I always knew I wanted to end at Halo.  That's what I love, that's where my strongest talents lie, and that's what I know.  So to have the reality spelled out for me where that position will likely never happen is a hard pill to swallow right now.


The few conversations I had with Tom French were delightful.  The man was incredibly friendly, welcoming, understanding.  I have no doubt that he would be a pleasure to work with and a great man to work under.  But I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm sorry this didn't end up playing out.  I was as excited as any of you were to contribute to the franchise and hopefully really design maps that would stand the test of time, I wanted to really make this franchise the juggernaut we all know it can be.  So, sorry to let everyone down. This one was on me.




EDIT: I'm seeing a lot of posts over a lot of mediums (holy shit) that are pointing to my past post history. I just want to reiterate:

It would not be hard to find comments deemed unacceptable through my post history on any forum.  I am aware of this, as I've been more than blunt in the past.  Many of these comments made out of anger, and many as drive-by comments with no context other than my poor attitude.  I've never denied this, and I don't blame them for making the decision they did.  It's understandable. 

I also don't believe my forum persona reflects my actual personality and ability to work in teams.  Yes this is a bummer but I could hardly expect anyone making the hiring decision to base me off of anything except what I've given them to see me by.  This is the persona they know because I provided it to them.  Man makes dumb comments online, man loses job.  Tale as old as time.  What's new.

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Posted by BOOMBOOM on 01 March 2016 - 06:22 PM

For every upvote I receive on this post for the next 24 hours (up to 100) I will donate a dollar to Gamers Outreach (proof of donation will be posted)






Time to give back!

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Posted by TheSimms on 30 March 2017 - 10:23 AM

Cool to see Elamite and Simms posting...now don't run them back off the forum with attacks. Savor answers when you get them and if a discourse is started, politely participate.


Just my .02.

Appreciate that Adam, not going to lie to the community and I want to put this out there - this weekend was the first time I wanted to shut off to the world of social media and even the forums, this was a massive failing on my part but also a huge learning curve. I've seen comments from other TO's, Players, Fans and Communities across several forums/gaming titles and I won't lie, I've been super salty about it but I carried on.


I've never had to deal with such heat and hate on social before, a few people on here have said why should I be in the firing line? Well I am a part of ESL and honestly I am proud of that and this also falls on me. I've been angry at seeing gaming communities laugh at Halo, I've been angry at people having a dig here and there when things go wrong, I've been angry that memes have formed of the back of this event, I've been angry to the point that I became so upset, ate food and went to my room Saturday and ignored everyone. That mixed with the passion I have for this game and our community drove me this week to do better and to try fix shit where possible but it also clouded my judgment.


I was genuinely disappointed in people taking the piss out of the event because I and the team have poured our hearts and souls into this to do the best we could. I shook my head Sunday night and realised I was taking this all to heart and taking it all as a personal attack, while I did get some personal attacking on social I shouldn't be blaming others or be angry at them for wanting to see better, I apologise if I was angry or negative to anyone this event, it's been hard but I'm still proud of what we did, the team I work with and rest assured changes will be made for the better moving forward.


This game, its players and the fans of the halo community is long standing and deserves the best, I'm going to keep doing what I do the best of my ability to try make that happen. Once again sorry if anyone feels I let them down, lessons learnt on my end. Onwards and upwards.

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Posted by Clap on 06 October 2016 - 10:11 AM

I'll drop a very quick piece of feedback on what is absolutely NEEDED to build Halo: LAN cannot be rocket science.


I play Halo CE nearly every night with my 2 sons. We have 2 TVs/Xboxes connected via crossover cable and we quickly jump into a game. I also get some quality time with them playing split screen campaign.


This simple facet of Halo is the cornerstone of everything: the functionality of LAN has to be easy. Whomever thought it was acceptable to take away split screen campaign and to not implement a true LAN backbone struck a grievous blow to Halo for anyone from neighborhood kids, to a LAN center, to MLG.


I've held back from speaking my mind for a while on this because sometimes the truth hurts, but there it is, that simple thing is devastating. Fuck online servers (barely had this for H2 and H:CE), fuck dedicated servers (didn't have this during MLG years), fuck spectator mode (didn't have this for MLG years)....real LAN that is scalable is needed. 


There I said it. 

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