First Nintendo Switch Streaming App Announced

By: James Glaze | July 12th, 2017

The Nintendo Switch just recently turned 4 months old and has seen been doing quite well in terms of sales.  But there has been one thing lacking that fans have been asking for, and that is video streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Nintendo commented back in March saying that streaming services will “come in time” but did give an estimated release or anything.  Though we still do not know when any of these services will be coming to America, Japan on the other hand will get to enjoy their popular streaming site Niconico this Thursday.

Niconico is a popular video streaming site in Japan that is often compared to YouTube. Gaming companies in Japan use Niconico for announcements and events.  Niconico stands out from other similar services as the user comments overlap the livestream.  This streaming services was also the first video app for the PlayStation Vita. With the release of Niconico coming to the Japanese eShop this Thursday, hopefully American video apps are not too far behind.

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Source: The Verge