Evil Geniuses Halo Team Created | Beyond Entertainment


Last week it was announced that Snipedown and Pistola would be leaving OpTic Halo after placing 5th/6th at The Master Chief Collection Invitational. For the past few days rumors have been swirling on the forums and twitter about what move would be made next for the duo.

Today it was announced that Snipedown, Pistola, Lunchbox and Roy would be joining the Evil Geniuses brand. This is the first time a Halo team will compete under the Evil Geniuses name, console fans will also remember Evil Geniuses picking up the now defunct Call of Duty team earlier this year.

With the new roster, this also marks the return of Roy, Lunchbox and Pistola back together for the first time since 2012 when they were formerly known as Instinct. The trio had multiple tournament wins for Halo: Reach at Major League Gaming.  Towey will also be back as their coach for the Halo Championship Series.

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Source: Evil Geniuses