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343 Industries recently revealed the details regarding the HCS Pro League, as well as a series of events and qualifiers that would lead up to the very first summer season. However, all of this information was for the hungry competitors in North America. Now, ESL and 343i have revealed the information for the European HCS Pro League.

Epsilon Esports

In a stellar performance at the 2016 Halo World Championship, the kings of European Halo, Epsilon eSports, placed Top 8 and took home $75,000. This performance has automatically guaranteed the players of Epsilon (BUK57, BUK20, Jimbo, & Snipedrone) a spot in the upcoming European Pro League. The EU Pro League, which features six Pro teams, will begin at the end of May alongside the NA League. Before then, numerous qualifiers will be available to fill the remaining five available spots for the first season.


Summer Invitational Qualifier (May 8)
Eight teams based on Halo World Championship and EMEA Regional placings will be invited to the first Qualifier. The top two teams will join Epsilon in the Pro League with guaranteed spots, while the remaining six will have to fight their way through the Last Chance Qualifier at the end of the month.

Open Qualifiers (May 17-19)
A series of Open Qualifiers will be held that are open to players who did not qualify for the Halo World Championship or were not invited to the initial invitational. Top placing teams from these three qualifiers will be invited to the final Last Chance Qualifier.

Last Chance Qualifier (May 21)
The LCQ brings all of the invitational and open teams together for the final chance to determine the three teams who will be inducted into the Pro League.

  • Bottom 6 Invitational Teams
  • Top 4 from Open Qualifier #1
  • Top 4 from Open Qualifier #2
  • Top 2 from Open Qualifier #3


This 16 team bracket will be the final chance for players and teams to claim their titles as the best Halo players in Europe.

Once the Pro League begins, fans will be able to tune in each week and catch the European Halo eSports action on Twitch.

Are you competing in the European HCS Pro League Qualifiers? Discuss the new information and find teammates on our forums!