Dragon Ball FighterZ Launch Trailer Released | Beyond Entertainment


Dragonball FighterZ is setting the stage for the Dragon Ball franchise to enter the fighting game community by storm. The upcoming 2D-fighter, designed by the company behind the Guilty Gear series, boasts the complexity of modern fighting games with the classic Dragon Ball art style and charm. Check out the Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer!

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases in just under a week on January 26th. The game will be available in three versions—Standard, FighterZ, and Ultimate Editions, each offering different bonuses for gameplay or for collectors. FighterZ will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam, and many believe the game will make waves in the competitive fighting game ecosystem.

With a substantial cast of familiar Dragon Ball characters to get your hands on, as well as a new gameplay style and online support, DBFZ is shaping up to be the next-gen Dragon Ball installment that fans have been waiting for.

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