Dota 2's "The International 7" Breaks Prize Pool Record | Beyond Entertainment


Dota 2 is coming up on it’s 7th annual worldwide eSports tournament, The International, and like previous years it continues to break prize pool records.  With 32 days left of crowdfunding, the tournament’s prize pool has already past last year’s record of $20,770,460.  That number could increase significantly once Valve releases the third and final Immortal Treasure.

Since TI4, the prize pool has been set by Valve at $1.6 million.  All additional prize pool money comes via crowdfunding through the Battle Pass.  The Battle Pass is an in-game item which includes the TI7 compendium, cosmetic items and effects, and other rewards depending on the level of the Battle Pass which is purchased.

With yet another month left of crowdfunding, this year’s prize pool will certainly set the bar high.  The TI7 group stages will begin on August 2nd at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington.  A total of 18 teams will participate in the event which is 2 more than previous years.

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Source: Dota eSports