Devolver Digital Uses E3 for Satire Rather than Announcements | Beyond Entertainment


While most game publishers would jump at the chance to use an E3 conference slot to announce all their upcoming games, indie game publisher Devlolver Digital instead used their first time holding an E3 conference for comedy.

Taking a late night scheduled start following the Bethesda conference, Devolver employed the help of Imagos Films to create a show that poked fun at common E3 and gaming staples, including overly enthusiastic journalists, early access games, publishers’ monitization practices, applause that interrupt speakers and more.

Devolver further used their time after the initial show for more comedic effect rather. Parodying post-conference E3 shows, Devolver went on to employee support from Twitch’s production team in showcasing a game they aren’t publishing and a fake arcade mashup game during a segement jokingly labeled as the “Pre-Pre Show” before showing off a set of computer-generated Hotline Miami levels.

Whether a business savvy play or a huge marketing and PR blunder, Devolver Digital’s press conference clearly stood out from all others in recent memory. The conference itself did give a glimpse into two real games they will be publishing, Ruiner and Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour, two upcoming twin-stick shooters.

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