Destiny Sparrow Racing Event Announced

By: Ryan Cox | December 5th, 2015

Destiny: The Taken King was without a doubt, the best update to Destiny over its lifetime, and since then fans have experienced a handful of events to keep them occupied in the game, including Raid Challenges, Crucible Events, and even a Halloween event with bonus Quests. Today at PlayStation Experience, fans were given a look at the next event coming to Destiny at no cost – Sparrow Racing. Destiny Sparrow Racing has been a long requested fan dream since the game’s release, and it seems like Bungie is finally bringing that dream to reality.

The Sparrow Racing League Event comes free to Destiny on December 8th, and will last for three weeks. Free events like this are likely capable thanks to the recent cosmetic micro-transactions that Bungie introduced to the game a few weeks back. Players will be able to earn new Sparrows and Gear while competing in races on Mars and Venus.

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