Destiny Legendary Engram Farming


UPDATE 10/8/14: A new Destiny legendary engram farming spot has been discovered, and it works with the latest patch. The newly found spot has been coined the “Loot Stairs” and is once again located in the Cosmodrome. Check out the video below to get all your Destiny farming in before Bungie swoops in with a patch!


PREVIOUS UPDATE: After yesterday’s hot fix for Destiny, players could no longer farm engrams at the ‘Loot Cave’ in the Skywatch location on Earth. However, YouTube user PS4Trophies has discovered a new location, now located in Rocketyard, that is farmable and is not affected by the patch.


The name of the game on Destiny is to collect the best gear, and to level up your character.  There are a handful of ways to go about earning the best gear, but they can take a long time and be frustrating to complete.  You can play Destiny PvP and earn crucible points each week to cash in for gear, you can play strikes to earn Vanguard points and gear, and also participating in a raid such as The Vault of Glass to earn gear as well.  Or another option that a lot of players are opting to use are Legendary Engram farming techniques to earn legendary engrams quickly (if you’re lucky) with minimal frustration levels.

There are a handful of useful areas that can be used to farm for legendary and rare engrams on Destiny. As a heads up these farming techniques do require a lot of patience and tend to be very repetitive, so be prepared to strap in for the grind.  We have listed three of the best Destiny legendary engram farming spots below:

Destiny Legendary Engram Farming Location: “Treasure Cave”:

Destiny Legendary Farming Location: Venus:

Destiny Legendary Farming Location: Venus #2:


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