Destiny Forged in Fire ViDoc Reveals New Gameplay

By: Ryan Cox | August 16th, 2016

[UPDATE 9/13] Ahead of the launch of Rise of Iron, Bungie have released Private Matches for Destiny one week early! Jump in and square off against friends (or enemies) in the Crucible!

destiny gamemode crucible multiplayer

Destiny: Rise of Iron has been brought to Gamescom 2016, and with its overseas travel means new reveals for the upcoming expansion for the Destiny franchise. Check out the new Forged in Fire ViDoc below!

The new ViDoc showcases loads of new Rise of Iron info, including the new Crucible multiplayer mode – Supremacy. Supremacy draws concepts from Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed, by requiring players to obtain crests from players who they have eliminated. Destiny: Rise of Iron will also include three new multiplayer playspaces to enjoy, as well as an additional map for PS4 players.

Destiny Rise of Iron – Khvostov Exotic

Bungie showcased a new Strike called The Wretched Eye, which features a dual Fallen-Hive boss system for the players to take down; alongside this new Strike in Rise of Iron are a handful of remastered Strikes that will return for the Strike playlist rotation.

Destiny Rise of Iron – Raid Pulse Rifle

In addition, the trailer shows snippets of some of the high end gear that can be obtained in Rise of Iron’s endgame, as well as clips from the new six player Raid – Wrath of the Machine.

Destiny Rise of Iron – Raid Gear 2

Rise of Iron – Wrath of the Machine Raid Gear

Destiny Rise of Iron – Iron Banner Gear

Rise of Iron – Iron Banner Gear

Destiny Rise of Iron – Trials of Osiris

Rise of Iron – Trials of Osiris Gear

And finally, after two long years of waiting from the dedicated community, Destiny: Rise of Iron will introduce private matches for players to customize and play together on their map and mode of choice. Keep your eye on Destiny eSports, as tournaments from numerous sources will definitely start appearing on the radar!

Destiny Private Matches

There is a ton of additional info and reveals to catch in the ViDoc, including Ornaments, Artifacts, Weapons, Crucible Maps, Public Events, and more! Give the trailer a second look and see what you can discover!

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