Destiny Age of Triumph Event Revealed

By: Ryan Cox | March 8th, 2017

Destiny is one of the most controversial and unique modern video game franchises. The game’s two most recent expansions, The Taken King and Rise of Iron, were met with positive reception, both bringing new life to a game that experienced a shaky launch back in 2014.

Since 2015, Destiny has received numerous free content updates between expansion releases. From the high-octane Sparrow Racing event, to the celebratory seasonal/holiday events, Destiny players have had a lot of fresh experiences to get their hands on. Now, as fans and developers alike set their eyes on Destiny’s full numbered sequel, Destiny 1’s lifespan is reaching its end.

Before our characters and gear are left behind (confirmed by Bungie), the Destiny live team has one more free update up their sleeves. Today, Bungie has unveiled Age of Triumph, the final event for the first Destiny game that will bring our first Destiny adventure to a close. Below are all of the details showcased on the first of three reveal streams from Bungie!

Release Date: Age of Triumph will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on March 28th!

Record Book

Destiny: Age of Triumph will introduce a new record book, tracking players achievements and accomplishments and doling out rewards based on all of the adventures they have gone through in Destiny’s history.

Record pages (13 pages total) include Story accomplishments, Raid completions, item collection, and more! Each page and achievement will reward unique emblems and items.


Joe Blackburn, Raid Designer at Bungie, started off the livestream by announcing that ALL current Destiny raids will be returning in Age of Triumph at the current light levels! All raids are now available at a difficulty of 390 Light and will all feature Challenge Modes akin to King’s Fall and Wrath of the Machine.

Additionally, classic weapons such as the Mythoclast and Fatebringer will be returning at current power levels!

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