Destiny 2 Survival PVP Mode Revealed

By: Ryan Cox | July 25th, 2017

IGN has revealed a new mode available in Destiny 2’s competitive PVP offering—Survival.

The new footage from IGN First reveals Destiny’s second competitive Crucible mode, aptly named Survival. Each team is granted eight player lives and is tasked with eliminating all of the enemies’ available respawns. If one team has not lost all of their lives when the round time limit is reached, a capture zone will appear on the map that offers a secondary path to victory. There is one central Power Weapon ammo drop for teams to contest.

In addition to the new info and footage regarding Survival, we’ve also seen the reveal of another one of Destiny 2’s new multiplayer maps—Altar of Flame, set on Mercury.

Source | IGN First

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