Activision Unveils Destiny 2 PopTarts and Rockstar Energy Promotion

By: Ryan Cox | August 9th, 2017

Beginning in September, a Destiny 2 PopTarts promotion will begin that will allow players to redeem in-game bonuses found on specially marked Pop-Tart products. Each box will offer in-game XP boosts that will accelerate character leveling for players when they jump in to Destiny 2 on September 6th.

In addition to Pop-Tarts offering Destiny 2 rewards, Rockstar Energy has also joined the fray. Purchasing Destiny 2-themed Rockstar cans (pictured below) will offer players engrams in Destiny 2 that provide exclusive loot for their Guardians. This partnership is particularly unique because Activision had previously partnered with a different energy drink brand, Red Bull, in the past for Destiny’s first major expansion release.

Destiny 2 is just weeks away from release on September 6th. Before then, an Open PC Beta will take place at the end of August for players to get a taste of Destiny on the PC for the first time. Sony has also made announcements regarding limited edition Destiny 2 consoles and controllers.

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