Destiny 2 PC Content Schedule Revealed | Beyond Entertainment


Following the release of Bungie’s Destiny 2 on Xbox One and PS4, the hit FPS-RPG will be coming to PC on October 24th. With the release in sight, Bungie spoke about the content that would be rolled out to Destiny 2’s newest community, much like how content was rolled out to console players upon release.

At launch, PC players can first be expect to be thrown into Destiny 2’s story, which is leagues better than that of the original Destiny. The game’s usual suite of strikes will be available, including the Nightfall and its Prestige difficulty. Guided Games, a system that allows solo players to join preset groups for activities that usually don’t support solo play, will also be available on Day 1.

The following week, Destiny 2’s PVE crown jewel, the Leviathan raid, will launch. For PC players looking to tackle this activity on launch, they should be aiming, at the minimum, for a Power level of 260, which can be achieved quite easily. Ideally, for teams who want to make a run for PC’s world-first completion of the raid, they should be looking to be around 275-280 Power.

The following Friday, Destiny 2’s most grueling PVP activity, Trials of the Nine, will also launch. On the third week, the Prestige Mode of the raid will launch, alongside Guided Games for the raid. The Prestige mode released for console players on 10/18 and was promptly beaten. Bungie has confirmed the existence of Challenges for the raid, which will begin on 10/31 but they have been tight-lipped on details.

Which of Destiny 2’s endgame content offerings will you be looking to tackle on PC? Discuss the game with our community!