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Destiny 2 is nearing its third month of being in players’ hands, and Bungie and Activision plan to gather new players with the recently announced Destiny 2 Free Trial.

The Destiny 2 Free Trial will be available on all three of the game’s platforms—Xbox One, PS4, and PC/—allowing gamers to sample a portion of the Destiny 2 experience free of charge. The trial grants access to the game’s campaign, PVP modes, and cooperative activities.

Destiny 2’s “Red War” Campaign is partially available in the trial, which will take players to two of the game’s playable zones—Earth and Titan. Players will also be able to free roam, earn experience, loot, and collect rewards for their character.

The trial will also feature a level cap, restricting players from progressing past Level 7. Two planets/zones and a significant portion of the sandbox/loot pool will not be available.

All progress made from trial gameplay carries over if you choose to purchase a full copy of Destiny 2, and you’ll be able to join a Clan during trial access to earn extra rewards.

Only Destiny 2’s Quickplay Crucible playlist will be available for trial Guardians.

Destiny 2 Free Trial will be available on November 28th.

Source | Activision/Destiny

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