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Destiny 2’s first event is now live for all Guardians to participate in! For the game’s first rotational event, Bungie has introduced the Destiny 2 Faction Rally, a new way to interact with and support the three in-game factions.

Players who invested time in the first Destiny installment may recognize these three faction NPC’s.

  • Dead Orbit: Arach Jalaal
  • Future War Cult: Lakshmi-2
  • New Monarchy: Executor Hideo


In the Destiny 2 Faction Rally event, these three vendors will return to the Tower to gather Guardians and collect supplies for their respective causes. To participate in the event, you’ll have to reach Level 20 and beat the main Red War campaign to unlock the Tower social space. The event will run from September 26 to October 3.

To participate, players will have to pledge allegiance to a faction of their choosing for the week (one per character). Afterwards, you’ll be able to complete StrikesCrucible matches, the Raid, Public Events, and Lost Sectors to earn Faction Tokens that can be turned in to your vendor.

At the end of the event, the faction who has received the most support (highest number of total reputation rank-ups) will sell a unique weapon that has not yet been made available in the game. If your faction is the winner, you’ll only need to pay 1,000 glimmer for their weapon. If you weren’t pledged to the winner, the weapon will cost you a hefty 50,000 glimmer.

Take a look at each faction and their unique rewards for the Destiny 2 Faction Rally event!

New Monarchy

If you are looking to dress in regal red and gold, New Monarchy is the faction for you. New Monarchy believes in supporting the city, its civilians, humanity’s sciences, and more. They also want to install a monarch to rule over The City.

Future War Cult

Don’t let their unique color palette dissuade you, Future War Cult offers some of the best weapons in the game. Their ideology focuses on preparing for the inevitable impending war against The Darkness, so pledge to them to gear up for new fights.

Dead Orbit

Dead Orbit desires to build a fleet and escape earth, believing the planet is doomed. If you want to help them find a new home among the stars, pledge to Dead Orbit and earn their unique loot and rewards!

That is about all you need to know for the very first Destiny 2 Faction Rally. It’s likely that this event will return numerous times throughout Destiny 2’s lifespan, akin to Iron Banner. Keep your eyes peeled for more Destiny 2 news on the horizon.

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