Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Raid and Story Content Detailed | Beyond Entertainment


Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion brings Guardians to Mercury in order to rescue a veteran character in the Destiny universe. When the Destiny 2 DLC releases on December 5th, players will be treated to new raid, story, cooperative, and competitive content.

In a recent livestream showcasing the Curse of Osiris expansion, Bungie discussed the new adventure that players will be sent on when the new DLC drops. First, Bungie discussed the new story content that will be available come December 5th. Curse of Osiris introduces new characters to the Destiny universe—Osiris, a fabled Warlock, and his Ghost Sagira.

In the expansion’s cinematic story campaign, the Vex have learned a new secret and have begun new and dangerous simulations. Osiris, one of the most powerful Warlocks ever known, has seen a glimpse of a dangerous future and must be rescued from the Vex’s ‘Infinite Forest’ on Mercury.

The expansion will include Mercury as a new explorable zone, new public events, endgame quests, the return of Heroic Strikes, and more.

As with any Destiny expansion, the eyes of hardcore fans are set on any new raid content that is available to complete. Destiny 2’s two expansion won’t include fully-fledged new raids, but  each will include what Bungie is calling a ‘Raid Lair’.

The first two Raid Lairs in Destiny 2 will expand upon the game’s initial Leviathan raid. They are shorter in duration than a normal raid, but include new loot (weapons, armor, etc.) as well as a new final boss encounter. Prestige difficulties will also be available for additional challenges.

The Curse of Osiris raid lair will be released shortly after the expansion’s launch on December 5th.

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