Destiny 2 Clans Announced; New In-Game Features Showcased | Beyond Entertainment


During the Destiny 2 Reveal, Bungie has announced that an integrated in-game clan system is coming to Destiny 2! The Destiny 2 clan system will be built into the gameĀ and works alongside new features that help players connect socially and enjoy all of the content Destiny 2 has to offer.

Read below for a breakdown of how Destiny 2 clans will work in game:

Destiny 2 Clans:

You will be able to create a clan in Destiny 2, choose a clan name, a clan motto, and invite all of your friends to join. Destiny 2 clans will also feature a reward system that benefits all players in your clan. So if you are only able to play one day a week, the people in your clan that can play 5 days a week are able to earn you and fellow clan members rewards based on their in game progression.


Guided Games:

Guided games in an interesting system in Destiny 2 where clans and solo players are able to connect and play with each-other.

As a solo player, you will be able to search for clans that are seeking more players to participate in their game session, whether that be a strike or a raid; if a clan is seeking an extra player, you will be able to join. As a solo player, you will be able to view details about the clans name and motto before deciding to play with them.

As a clan using the guided games system, you will be able to locate solo players if you need to pick a few up for your squad. A clan can open their party up specifically to solo players seeking to play with a group of like-minded players to accomplish in-game goals.

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