Denial eSports Halo Team Created | Beyond Entertainment


[12/3/14] UPDATE: Denial eSports has decided to part ways with Reliable, they have picked up Ryanoob as their new 4th!


There is no doubt that ever since the Halo Championship Series was announced, the Halo eSports scene would begin to grow. Organizations such as OpTic Gaming and CLG have formed Halo teams, and more organizations are on their way.

Halo Championship Series Logo

Today, the reputable organization Denial eSports has announced that they will be forming a competitive Halo team that will be competing in official HCS sanctioned events, such as Iron Games in December. Learn more about the Denial eSports Halo team below

Three players have been officially added to the Denial roster:

Scottie “Cloud” Holste (Far Left)


Austin “Mikwen” McCleary

Kyle “Chig” Lawson

Ryan “Ryanoob” Geddes


In addition, Cloud, Chig, Ryanoob, and Mikwen will be joined by their coach, Justin “Spikemouth” Saboo (ex-Fnatic Classic), and will be looking for one player moving into the Iron Games Columbus event (Chig has previous commitments).

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