Cyberpunk 2077 Game Documents Stolen

By: James Glaze | June 9th, 2017

Developer of the extremely popular “The Witcher” Series, CD Projekt Red, has been quietly working on their upcoming open world RPG Cyberpunk 2077.  Very little details have been shared about the game thus far, but that may change this week.  According to CD Projekt Red on twitter, the gaming studio has had documents and internal files of early designs of their upcoming game stolen.

The person or group who is in possession of these files is demanding a ransom from the developer or is threatening to release all information to the public.  CD Projekt Red has said they will not be meeting the demands and has already contacted legal authorities. The CD Projekt Red team encourages fans to avoid any information that is leaked as the files that were stolen were a very early implementation of Cyberpunk 2077.

Do you think CD Projekt Red should pay the ransom to avoid leaks of Cyberpunk 2077?  Let us know what you think over on our forums.


Source: CD Projekt Red Twitter