Campaign Theater Mod

By: Rhys Weir | September 28th, 2013

Shortly before Halo 4 launched, people were curious if Campaign and Spartan Ops would support Theater mode similar, sadly the answer to that question was no.


A video surfaced from Lord Zedd (the same guy who found the Halo: Reach DMR and Hacker & Teleport AAs on Harvest) showing the level “Requiem” from Campaign working in Theater mode, as well as a download link on Halo Waypoint’s file browser to a film clip of the level “Composer” from the Campaign.

Looking at the video, the feature works flawlessly and leaves us to wonder why was the feature cut?

UPDATE: It appears that Quick Time Events break the view in Theater, as seen below.

QTE Fail

You can check out the video above and download the “Composer” film clip here!

NOTE: The film clip will allow you to take screenshots of the Campaign, we highly advise against doing this, you could end up with a ban.