Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Hero: Moira | Beyond Entertainment


Blizzard has unveiled the newest hero who will be joining the Overwatch cast. In addition to the new Overwatch hero, the team also released a brand new animated short for one of the game’s beloved characters.

New Overwatch Hero: Moira

Moira joins the Overwatch cast as an additional support-class hero. Similarly to Zenyatta, she is focused equally on both healing options and offensive abilities.

In Overwatch’s lore and story, Moira is an ex-Blackwatch geneticist who has joined the series’ antagonist organization—Talon.

Moira’s abilities include two passive standard beam attacks (one for healing, one for damage), a ranged biotic orb that damages enemies and heals allies, and a short-distance teleport. Her ultimate allows her to create and direct a large ranged beam that travels through barriers, healing all allies and damaging all enemies that it touches.

New Overwatch Animated Short: Honor and Glory

In addition to Moira’s reveal, a new Overwatch animated short has been released. This installment in the ongoing cinematic series focuses on Reinhardt’s backstory and history.

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