BioWare’s Anthem Will Get A Beta

By: Connor Murphy | October 2nd, 2017

BioWare and EA’s latest project, Anthem, remains shrouded in mystery after its E3 announcement, but the game’s director has confirmed a beta is in the works. Taking to Twitter to respond to fans, Jonathan Warner acknowledged concerns about the game’s health by dropping a small piece of BioWare’s plan for Anthem.

Described as a shared-world action RPG, players take the role of Freelancers in an environment combining single and multi-player gameplay. These Freelancers are equipped with powerful armor and advanced weaponry making them capable of surviving the dangers beyond civilization. From the gameplay reveal shown below, it’s an environment full of discovery, loot, and adventure.

Anthem lacks a specific release date, but it’s scheduled for Q4 2018. The assumption to make right now: it’s going to be a while before we have more information about betas and public testing for the game.

Anthem will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One systems in 2018.