Beyond Invitational Interview: nV Mikwen | Beyond Entertainment


After hearing some thoughts from Luminosity’s eL Town regarding the Beyond No-Radar Invitational, we set our eyes to Team EnVyUs, the champions of the show match, to hear what their players had to say about the series and the gameplay. Here is our interview with Austin ‘Mikwen’ McCleary of Team EnVyUs!


Thanks for interviewing with us! You recently competed in our first invitational event, a $500 no-radar show match against Luminosity Gaming. What were your overall thoughts on the series, how do you think you played in the new gameplay environment?

Our team handled the series well and played better than I expected, especially with how used to radar we have become. In the end, it was like riding a bike, the gameplay came back to us quickly.


Team EnVyUs had an awesome showing in the best-of-thirteen, only losing three games (Truth CTF, Coliseum CTF, Rig Slayer). Are any of these gametypes works-in-progress for nV, or do you feel as though Luminosity just clutched up at the right times?

Luminosity definitely just clutched up and played really well those three games.


Let’s touch on the settings used for the show match. This was one of the first times a no radar series was played in Halo 5 with money on the line. How did you feel about the competitive nature of the series, did the rule change make things more or less competitive?

I’d say it definitely makes it more competitive, for sure! Players had to be more aware and the communication your team had to have to accurately paint a picture for a each other within a match was much more difficult to maintain.


In specific, what are your personal thoughts about radar in Halo 5: Guardians? Feel free to list both pros and cons, if applicable.

I think it just promotes really slow play, in a really fast paced game. Yes, it helps alleviate problems when the game is too fast, but it isn’t a good mechanic to add. I’d prefer a sprint/ability tracking radar at the very least, similar to what eL Town suggested.


Mikwen @ HCS Orange County – via Lalo Torres

How is your specific playstyle/role affected by no radar? Did you benefit from the change personally, and how did it affect your team’s strategies as a whole?

It benefitted me a lot for sure, it allowed for more outplays in 1v1 situations. As for our team as a whole, not much was affected. Our communication just had to be a lot better than normal.


Aside from the motion tracker, what other critiques do you have for Halo 5’s Arena gameplay? Weapons, maps, gametypes, player traits, etc.

I definitely believe that automatic weapons are too strong. Additionally, I don’t think Stasis Flag works as a competitive gametype anymore, unfortunately.


Team EnVyUs has been consistently at the top of the HCS standings. What are you guys looking to work on as you set your focus on the Fall Season Finals?

Right now we are working on communication and play calling. We have a hard time listening and responding to play calls. There are also times where we over-communicate; we are also looking to improve on that.


Any closing statements or shoutouts?

Shoutout to Team EnVyUs for all they do for us, and of course equal thanks goes out to all of our sponsors. Also, credit to my teammates for taking home the UGC title this weekend without me!

We’d like to thank Mikwen for sitting down with us to talk about our first ever invitational event! Head over to our forums to discuss what you thought about the no-radar show match!