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We recently had the pleasure of hosting the very first Beyond Invitational—a Halo 5: Guardians show match featuring no-radar gameplay. Luminosity Gaming and Team EnVyUs faced off in a best-of-thirteen scrimmage with $500 on the line. EnVyUs would come out on top with a series score of 10-3, and competitive Halo fans were thrilled to spectate a new style of Halo 5 gameplay.

Afterwards, we sat down with Luminosity’s eL Town to hear his thoughts on the series, no radar, his team, and more. Let’s hop right into the interview!

First, thanks for competing in the first Beyond Invitational! How did you feel you and your team performed in the Best of 13, and what did you think about the results of the match as a whole?

I feel as though the team and I could have definitely done better. Personally, we felt that Strongholds was the gametype that felt the most changed, and it affected our performance.


Your squad had some great showings on Coliseum CTF, Truth CTF, and a clutch win on Rig Slayer. Are these already strong gametypes for Luminosity, or were there new strategies that were brought out with no radar being a factor that helped you edge out three victories?

In those games, I think we just clutched up. CTFs are probably our best maps, to be honest. Rig Slayer came down to the wire, and getting the Plasma Caster and Sniper helped us pull out a win.


Did Team EnVyUs surprise you in any way within the series? How did it feel facing off against their aggressive playstyle with radar disabled?

Personally, I was surprised with how Strongholds played out. It is way harder, and more frustrating, to get a capture when the other team has Total Control. Without radar, you have zero idea where they are, and when they are going to approach from. They can sprint at you and come from a few different places, meanwhile they know exactly where you are because of the spawn system. Basically, you’re a sitting duck while they are sprinting and are not visible on a radar, especially against a team like EnVyUs.


eL Town — 2016 Halo World Championship

How do you feel about radar within competitive Halo 5 gameplay? What sort of pros and cons did you notice when playing the Best-of-13, and would you like it to be included or removed for future seasons?

I personally liked no radar in Slayers! Capture the Flag was just alright; Coliseum Flag was honestly chaos with no radar. And like I said, Strongholds becomes about baiting the stronghold once you get it. It becomes a lot harder to break the leading team’s set up.


How do you feel your play style benefits or suffers from no radar? Did you notice any adaptations from yourself or your team to try and change the momentum of the series?

Personally, no radar really helps out my playstyle. People can make more outplays in-game. For example, flanking becomes easier and you can push under people now without being noticed.


Aside from the motion tracker, what other specific critiques do you have for Arena in Halo 5: Guardians? (Automatic weapons, power weapons, grenades, maps, etc.)

Some automatic weapons such as the SAW and Storm Rifle need to go, in my opinion. At the very least I’d like to see them nerfed. Additionally, I don’t believe Splinter Grenades are skillful, most of their kills can be attributed to randomness or luck. I also believe that certain weapons such as the Plasma Caster and Fuel Rod need to have their ammo counts reduced.


What is it like playing with your new teammate Victory X? How has the team change affected the way Luminosity approaches the game?

Victory X makes everything seem easier. He’s always helpful and his communication is real solid. Picking him up definitely made playing with each other more smooth.


Luminosity is currently in the Top 4 of the HCS Pro League. What are you guys looking to improve upon and refine as you attempt to punch your ticket to the Season Finals?

We are working on fixing our small mistakes and what to do in situational scenarios.

nV Halo eL Town

eL Town on Team EnVyUs — Summer 2016 Season

And finally, what are some of your most desired changes/improvements for Halo 5, the HCS, and competitive Halo as a whole?

My most desired changes for Halo 5 would be fixing the servers and ghost beatdowns, as well as additional weapon changes. I believe Fuel Rod on Truth should be removed, and Railgun ammo should be lowered alongside the Plasma Caster. After those changes, I would suggest modifying radar to only detect thrusting and sprinting. I feel that with the way Halo 5 was designed, no-radar doesn’t just fix everything. A lack of radar felt good and all, but without it, a lot of other changes would have to be made. I personally would rather have a radar that only works for sprint and thrust.


Any closing statements or shoutouts?

Shout out to Beyond for always being about the community! I’d also like to give shoutouts to the community itself, my teammates, and Luminosity Gaming.

We’d like to thank eL Town for sitting down with us and sharing his thoughts on the invitational and Halo 5 as a whole! Head over to our HCS discussion thread to talk about all the latest in competitive Halo!