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Destiny is now available to play worldwide! You’re likely busy fighting back Ghaul and the Red Legion, but for those of you treasure collectors, you’re likely wondering what gear you should begin to set your eyes on. Let’s take a look at the tanks of the battlefield—the Titan! Here are our picks for the best Titan armor in Destiny 2.

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In Bungie’s new sequel, the best armor that you should be looking for is of Exotic rarity. Let’s take a look at some of the best Titan exotics in Destiny 2!

Doom Fang Pauldron

These badass gauntlets are offered to Titans when progressing through the main story campaign. Designed for the Sentinel subclass, they’ll have you earning and throwing the Sentinel Shield more frequently.

Exotic Trait: Shield Bash melee kills recharge Shield Throw. Melee ability kills recharge Sentinel Shield.

How to Obtain: Earn from Commander Sloane during the Red War campaign, or loot from Exotic Engrams.

Mask of the Quiet One

Another one of our top picks for the best Titan armor in Destiny 2 goes to the Mask of the Quiet One. This Void-based Exotic Helmet grants a myriad of bonuses for the Sentinel Titan. Whereas Doom Fang Pauldron focused on the Sentinel’s super ability, this helmet is all about ability recharge and health regeneration. We recommend pairing this with Code of the Aggressor, a skill tree that normally doesn’t offer health regeneration bonuses.

Exotic Trait: Grants melee, grenade, and class ability energy when damaged. Void Ability kills grant health regeneration.

How to Obtain: Exotic Engrams

Hallowfire Heart

This ironclad chest piece is designed for Sunbreaker Titans. Although it requires you to pay detailed attention to the availability of your abilities, the increased recharge rate for your grenade and melee will help you cause havoc when fighting the minions of the Darkness.

Exotic Trait: Greatly improves the recharge rate of your Solar abilities while Hammer of Sol is charged.

How to Obtain: Exotic Engrams

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